Julio & Jessica

an interview about my brother and I, our past, our future and our deepest thoughts.

Interview with Gio

I, Holton Smith, was interviewing my adopted brother Gio Smith. Throughout the interview I asked him questions about life and about the foster system and adopted process.

Great Thanksgiving Listen

My sister and I discuss her childhood in a jovial but orderly manner, we reminisce our early childhood and laugh on how we were when we were little.

My Brotha Just Another Me

Today my older brother (Trey) and I talked about our childhood and all of the exciting and memorable moments we shared. Some funny moments and some moments where you hear how similar our life has been.

Recording – 11-26-2023 15:29:24

My name is Beckett Swoll, I am 16 years old and in this recording I interview my oldest brother who is 21 years old and his name is Blake Swoll.

Alen’s point of view

Talked to my brother about his most important person in his life and it was a shocker!! (Not really)

Bianca Flinn and her brother Brenden Flinn talk about being an adolescent in the year 2021

In this interview, conducted in November 2021 in Allen Park, Michigan, Bianca Flinn (21) interviews her younger brother Brenden Flinn (18) about his life so far. Brenden shares his perspective on growing up in a small town and his town’s...

Mike Carey and Bill Squiccirini

Friends Mike Carey [no age given] and Bill Squiccirini [no age given] remember the time Mike drove a Jeep into the Patuxent River and created the "new branch" at the Laurel Volunteer Fire Department, Marine Division 10.

Brothers in a distant land (Part 2)

Two men share a love that grew thousands of miles from where they were born as brothers. There’s was grown out of a sense of responsibility, purpose and perseverance.

Life of my Brother

As brothers, we know so much about each other and have seen each other grow, hurt, and love. In life, a lot is uncertain, but it is through our combined experience that we can get through

From Strangers to Brothers

Interviewing someone I consider as family and asking what he thinks about certain topics I don’t talk about wit anybody else.

Heart to Heart

From the pumpkin patch to Babe Ruth, I talked with Ford about his fondest memories, America’s greatest pastime, and just about everything in between.


The conversation was between me and my two older brothers, Lopaka(28) and Logan(25). We discuss a variety of topics but it mainly revolves around stories from when we were younger, and also some more recent stories. As well as deeper...

project interview

we talked about our life and our friendship and how long we've been friends.

Jenny Rask Interviews Father Gene Rask about this life.

Jenny Rask: 2021-03-22 01:17:10 Interviews her father Gene Rask about his life. Memories of growing up with Lee and Ray Rask. First days in Portland, Oregon. A few of Gene's first jobs and his father's worry about his boys being...

Brothers in a distant land (Part 1)

Two men share a love that grew thousands of miles from where they were born as brothers. There’s was grown out of a sense of responsibility, purpose and perseverance.

One friend to another

We talked about how my friend’s life was growing up. We also discussed our friendship and what we mean to each other.

2 brothers, 1 heart

This interview is meant to connect and create bridges between my brother Daniel and myself Thomas. This is my first Ep. so please enjoy...