Alexander Graziani and LaVerne Diggs

One Small Step conversation partners Alexander "Alex" Graziani (49) and La Verne Diggs [no age given] talk about the various places they've lived, the role of education in shaping communities, and the role of government in helping citizens.

Tim Kaine and Anne Holton

Senator Tim Kaine (63) talks with his wife, Anne Holton (63), about her experience, as the daughter of Governor Linwood Holton, attending a newly integrated public school in Richmond, Virginia in the 1970s.

Dwania Kyles and Leandrew Wiggins

Dwania Kyles (67) speaks with friend and fellow member of the Memphis 13 Leandrew Wiggins (68). The two discuss their differing experiences as members of the initial group of Black first graders who integrated Memphis schools during desegregation.