“I would like to see people be inspired to live cooperatively, and balanced, sharing life, space, and resources..." Susan Murphy was a founding member of Saugerties’ Cantine’s Island Co-Housing Community. With a storyteller’s talent and passion for the concept of...

Uncle Rawb (Rob)

My uncle Rob has been an avid builder throughout his life, and has since used his passion to steer his career as well as have a good time before the creation of the internet.

Interviewing my Dad

We talked about my Dad's work life and childhood.

Brandie Staney and William Coleman

Brandie Staney (46) interviews her grandfather William "Bill" Coleman (91) about his experiences building the Tuy Hoa Air Base during the Vietnam War.

Family life interview with Martin Taylor

In this interview I speak with my dad about how growing up in his family changed him as a person as well as the influence brought onto him by his mother and neighbor. We speak of family traditions, origins from...

Fortnite New update

How has the new update change the game

Blair Bates and Nelson Nave

Colleagues Blair Bates (66) and Nelson Nave (75) talk about their work in historic preservation, Blair working as a restoration contractor and Nelson as an architect, to maintain the Ladies’ Library Association building in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Mary Shafer and David Branch

Spouses Mary "Kathleen" Shafer (41) and David Branch (43) talk about their move from Virginia to Marfa, life in West Texas, and memories that stand out from when they first met.

Susan Edmondson and Jeff Finn

Colleagues Susan Edmondson (57) and Jeff Finn (42) discuss the development of downtown Colorado Springs and their involvement in this ongoing project. They reflect on the many variables that contribute to a successful downtown area while emphasizing the unique potential...