If you want to buy a flat or house, the next few months are going to be a good time

The coronavirus crisis has paralyzed any home buying and selling operation . So much so, that until the state of alarm passes, notaries will only attend to emergency cases. However, there will be a time when it all ends. In...

Family life interview with Martin Taylor

In this interview I speak with my dad about how growing up in his family changed him as a person as well as the influence brought onto him by his mother and neighbor. We speak of family traditions, origins from...


“I would like to see people be inspired to live cooperatively, and balanced, sharing life, space, and resources..." Susan Murphy was a founding member of Saugerties’ Cantine’s Island Co-Housing Community. With a storyteller’s talent and passion for the concept of...

Carmen Rhoades and Stephanie Hatfield

Stephanie Hatfield (46) interviews her good friend Carmen Rhoades (49) about what it's like building tiny houses in Terlingua, Texas and more specifically being a woman who builds.

Uncle Rawb (Rob)

My uncle Rob has been an avid builder throughout his life, and has since used his passion to steer his career as well as have a good time before the creation of the internet.

Interviewing my Dad

We talked about my Dad's work life and childhood.