Rodrick Covington and Darwensi Clark

Rodrick Covington (41) is interviewed by his "freedom fighting brother" Darwensi Clark (42) about his upbringing, starting his fitness company, and how he became involved in the Black Lives Matter Movement with an organization called Unite NY. The pair also...

Lindsey Beacham, age 37 and Wanda Quinn, age 70
December 3, 2022 App Interview

Lindsey Beacham, age 37, and Wanda Quinn, age 70, talk about where they grew up and how that shaped who they are. They shared their values, their community, and what they want their legacy to be.

Channon Mondoux and Jodi Michaels

Channon Mondoux [no age given] and Jodi Michaels [no age given] come together to talk about Canadiana Fest, a festival that Channon is putting on in October 2023 to celebrate Canadian culture (canadianafest.fun). Channon also reflects on the experiences that...

Daniel Herrera and Todd Wynward

Friends Daniel “RYNO” Herrera (49) and Todd Wynward (56) come together to talk about their backgrounds, friendship, bringing value to their community, and the Watershed Way.