Catholicism and Creativity—A Lifelong Story

A story about growing up in a Catholic household, living 18 lives, and managing to be creative in a house full of 50 women.

Significance of Mobile Strategy in eCommerce Application Development

From this interview, you'll find out how important mobile applications are for business. Nowadays more than half of customers use a smartphone to find or purchase a product. The number of people accessing eCommerce websites on their mobile devices has...

Albert Sanchez: Loving uncle and businessman

“Believe that anything is possible, despite what life throws at you.” Erick Marmolejo (14) interviews his uncle Albert Sanchez (46). He described what it means to be successful and talks about people who inspire him.

The adventures of my dad – Nileshkumar Patel

We talked about my dads life in India. He described various things in India like how his brother viewed him as or why he chose the career he chose. He also showed me the hardhips/challenges of his transition to America....

Jack Noble interviews his grandfather Alan Mensch on his life and his accomplishments

Jack Noble interviews Alan Mensh on November 22nd in Arnold Maryland starting with his childhood and school experiences as Jew. Then they discuss his jobs as a teenager until he joined the army as a medic during the war. Finally...

Interview with my uncle Roman

Speaking to my uncle about family and our family business

Ben Luongo: Family & Life’s Important Lessons

My father, Ben Luongo, discusses his family’s history and the importance of determination (and a little bit of luck) when building a life for oneself.

I interview my aunt and learn a lot about her childhood and her life growing up.

My aunt has a lot of experiences i never knew about. She worked and went to a catholic school. She saved her money and spent it precisely as a child. She started buying bonds when she was young.

Writing documents can be hard work for the average student, mainly because of the time allotted more than the complexity of the task.

Writing documents can be hard work for the average student, mainly because of the time allotted more than the complexity of the task. This makes it quite difficult for many students to keep up with their academic requirements, forcing them...

Crating business and growing up in Austin

Starting her own business and how it was growing up in Austin.

“When I go back to Taiwan, I feel very free”
October 10, 2018 App Interview

Olivia Chen, 36, from Taiwan, talks about her experience living in America without her family for 10 years. She shares her accomplishments in earning her Master’s degree in business and how she brought part of her culture with her to...

FYS interview about the theme of work with Rudi Arrowood and EB Bell

I interviewed Rudi Arrowood for my First Year Seminar class at Marshall University. Our FYS class has been focusing on critical thinking and how thoughtfully developed ad artfully asked questions can lead to enriching and enlightening stories. Frank Sesno’s book...

Interview With My Dad

An interview with Scott Law, who is the CEO of Zotec Partners - a medical billing company.

Yearbook 7th hour Final Interview

I talked to Shelly Zimbelman who is an artist who creates paintings, coasters, leggings, trays, and more! It inspired her to start her own buisness and she talks about the steps it took her to get where she is today....

Interview with Porn Jounalist

Susannah Breslin writes about the business of porn for Forbes and in this interview she shares her insider view

Nicolas’s English Interview

We talked about my mother’s life growing up with four siblings in a different country. We also talked about the ups and downs she went through in her life and how they motivated her more to become the great person...

Maria Telles and Pedro Messias

Pedro talks about his relationship with music and how he sees his future managing artists.

The life of my mom from her childhood to her adult years.

In this interview, Nathan talked to Lisa (his mom) about her life in California and growing up. This was conducted on November 25, 2017. Lisa shares stories about her family good and bad that affected her life. She talks about...

Travis Lewis and his grandfather Walter Lewis discuss life growing up and the lessons learned through experiences.

In this interview, Travis Lewis (18) interviews his grandfather Walter Lewis about his life growing up and the experiences and lessons he had during his lifetime. Walter Lewis talks about the hard work he did all his life and the...

Covid-19: Lila Chapman

Jackie Neale talks with her student, Lila Chapman about how she is feeling in the time of the Coronavirus global pandemic. Lila is Jackie's ungrad photography student at the New York Film Academy and upon being given the stay-at-home mandate...