Valerie Paredes interviewing her father, Julio Paredes

A daughter interviews her dad about his career in the business field and his move from the Dominican Republic to the United States.

John Marmaduke and Alan VanOngevalle

Alan VanOngevalle (52) talks to his friend and colleague John Marmaduke (73) on the creation and legacy of the company created by his father, Sam Marmaduke, Hastings Entertainment.

FYS oral history interview
November 3, 2020 App Interview

I interviewed Chris Mays for my first your seminar class at Marshall University. Our FYS Class has been focusing on critical thinking and how thoughtful he developed and artfully asked questions can lead to enriching and enlightening stories, particularly oral...

Simran Notani gives her perspective and opinion about COVID-19

Simran Notani, a PA resident, gives her thoughts and views about what impact the recent pandemic, COVID-19 has caused on her life. Simran is one out of many who are panicking and praying that this crisis will avert soon.

Setting Up A Future/Configurando Un Futuro
December 3, 2022 App Interview

It was not easy for the Saldivars to get to where they are today. Their story explains what they had to do to build a stable foundation not just for them, but for their children/grandchildren too.

Career Interview

Today, I am sitting down with a local business owner who had decided to share her thoughts and idea for her career.

Liliane Lemani and Emeliana Salama

Friends Liliane Lemani (38) and Emiliana Salama (51) talk about their interests in starting businesses in the United States, and reflect on their experiences selling goods and materials while they were at a refugee camp in Namibia.

Great Thanksgiving Listen

In this interview, I discussed with my grandfather his life choices and career path along with his memorable moments/stories that he believes should be shared.

Faith Morris and Herbert Hillard

Mr. Herbert H. Hilliard (72) talks with his colleague Faith Morris [no age given] about growing up poor in Woodstock, TN and Lucy, TN, his family's move to Memphis, becoming the first African American athlete at the University of Memphis,...

Jay Foreman and Ashley Mady

Jay Foreman (57) talks with his mentee, Ashley Mady (36), about his company, Basic Fun!, how he entered the toy industry, and his family.

Yager’s Story

Mr. Yager’s experience in the worlds of the military, business, and education have all shaped him into the person he is today. Though he faced traumatic events during his time in service, it taught him key values that have stuck...

Happy Birthday

This is a kid and his grandpa talking about grandpa’s life.

Ben Breed and Amod Daherkar

Colleagues Ben Breed (20) and Amod Daherkar (19) discuss the company they cofounded, Gazelle Ecosolutions, and share how their education at McCombs has supported their work.

John talks about the Air Grilles business

Ima interviews her Grandad about the business he created in 1979 which operated with great success for 37 years

Friend From a Far

My interview was of my mom's best friend that is a general manager for Dominios. The reason I interviewed Peggy was to change things up; to see what someone else's life was like and not just my family because I...

Monica Goetz and Philip Goetz

Phillip Goetz (47) interviews his wife, Monica Goetz (44), about her experiences as a student and staffer at the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin. She shares her family’s history and connection to the university,...

Leticia Acosta and Judith Lima

Judith Lima (25) shares a conversation with her mentor, Leticia Acosta (44), about participating in Subiendo Academy at the University of Texas, her experience in college, and the value of community and mentorship.

Lynn Utter and Mitch Kreindler

Mitch Kreindler (60) interviews his friend Lynn Utter (60) about her experiences as a UT Austin McCombs School of Business student and alum. They share memories of their time in the Business Honors Program and she shares what she learned...

Interview with Ned Micelli on 1/31/16

Words of wisdom from my grandfather during the last year of his life.