Lynn Carden – female artist and writer.

This interview is about a female artist and writer and her work as a botanical artist and also a writer of a book that covers eight generations of women.

Genie Pratt and Leslie Walsh

One Small Step conversation partners Genie Pratt (74) and Leslie Walsh (57) have a conversation about the travel, people that influenced them, and experiences that shaped their perspectives.

Mr. Nyren’s History

Mr. Nyren is an IB History teacher at Unity Reed High School. As of the recording, Mr. Nyren is 61 years old, and he has grew up in several states in the US as well as visited other countries. This...

A Tale of Two Plantations Connecting Lives 200 years later

In this talk the historian Richard Dunn talks to Colleen Rodgers about the book he wrote that chronicles the lives of her ancestors in the 1770s that lived on the Mesopotamia Plantation in Jamaica.

Elliot Scherker and Karen Gottlieb

Karen Gottlieb (62) interviews her husband Elliot Scherker (62) about his brother Michael Scherker, who passed away in 1990. Elliot's family did not know that Michael was gay until years after Michael's death.

Angela daSilva and Sylvia Sukop

Sylvia Sukop (62) interviews her friend and colleague Angela daSilva (68) about her work preserving Black history and culture in St. Louis and Missouri.

Historian Recording

This was a great interview. We discussed many topic about Katumu’s life and learned more about them.