Ada Marie Babineaux and Geraldine Marie Babino

Ada Marie Babineaux (58) interviews her mother, Geraldine Marie Babino (88), about her upbringing, life in Opelousas, Louisiana, and memories of her parents, Savannah Frank and Nathan Frank Sr. Geraldine also shares how she met her husband, how she settled...

Ramesh Patil – Childhood and Schooling in India

Ramesh Patil (69) talks with his son, Akshay (39) about growing up in Jamshedpur, India and studying Electronics at IIT Kharagpur

Jack Krauskopf at 80 years old with children Katie and Lewis

Jack Krauskopf on the occasion of his 80th birthday talks with his children, Katie Krauskopf (45) and Lewis Krauskopf (48) about his childhood, career in public service and major influences in his life.

Aleister Steadman with Debra and Leslie Beaumont

Aleister Steadman (17) talks with his grandparents Debra (68) and Leslie (84) Beaumont about their life experiences, growing up, working, and their own personal beliefs. (this is a second attempt recording, so some topics we had already discussed at time...

Maria de la Luz Gonzales Estrada Oppen Dockins Craig Oppen and Harriet Weber

Harriet Weber [no age given] interviews her friend, Maria de la Luz Gonzales Estrada Oppen Dockins Craig Oppen [no age given] about her upbringing, family, and childhood journey from Mexico to Quincy, Washington.