Claire Alvarado and Alphe Delahoussaye

Claire Alvarado (56) speaks with her stepfather, Alphe "Jim" Delahoussaye (85), a retired biologist and lifelong naturalist, on his love for the Atchafalaya River Basin and the recordings he made of residents of the Basin, archived in the Library of...

Christine henry interview

Interview with Oma: Christine Henry my grandmother

Oral history interview with Mr. Smith

Oral interview with Mr. Smith (teacher) about America, living in different areas, status, and childhood.

David Bray interviewing Louise Bray

David Bray (Grandson) interviews Louise Bray (Grandmother) about what she has experienced in her life, what she feels everyone should know, and how you should stay true to your values.

Oscar Rodriguez and Ramon Rodriguez

Ramon Rodriguez [no age given] interviews his relative Oscar Salazar Rodriguez [no age given] about their family history and ancestry. Oscar tells stories of El Mulato y Ojinaga, México, reflects on the cultural traits passed down through the family from...

Immigration oral history

My nice coworker shares with me her immigration story. She is as a many people who came to The United States and make this country her home.

Gregory Greenway and Randall Cirksena

One Small Step partners Gregory "Greg" Greenway (71) and Randall "Randy" Cirksena (63) exchange lived experiences and discuss their civil war ancestors, first jobs as bank tellers, and not choosing a race on the StoryCorps paperwork.

Common Ground Tacony Oral History Project: Heather

Heather shares stories of growing up in the historic Philadelphia neighborhood, Tacony, and shares stories of her childhood and upbringing and then her eventual opening of her business in Mt. Airy, Philaelphia. Recorded as part of an artist residency with...

Common Ground Tacony: Troy Part II

Troy and I sit and interview as the Black Lives Matter for vigil gets underway one short block from Sawtown Tavern. A peaceful demonstration is about to begin as Troy and I discuss how Sawtown is intent on creating a...

Oral History

Zachary Taylor answered personal and in depth questions.

Immigration Stories: Mexico-United States An Oral History – Rafael Telle Cruz

Rafael speaks enthusiastically about his time living in the United States and working hard. Rafa talks about currently living, working, and farming in Guapamacataro, Maravatio, but also about he hopes to return to the States to work with his brothers...

Immigration Stories: Mexico-United States An Oral History – Nicole Costa

Nicole lived for several years as an expat in Mexico as she spent time as a teacher and intensively learned to speak Spanish. Nicole speaks about how her years in Mexico progressed from a short visit to a decision to...

The Undocumented Americans book Reflection with Joseph Francisco Hernandez

Joseph Francisco Hernandez [(28), (he/him/el)] currently on unceded Ohlone/Yokuts Land shares oral testimony in reflection to the book "The Undocumented Americans" by Karla Cornejo Villavicencio. Joseph is a single child of immigrating parents (Oaxaca & Chiapas), and is a first-generation...

Lida Nedilsky and LiaLia Kuchma

Lida Nedilsky (51) interviews her mentor, LiaLia Kuchma (77), about her memories of moving to Chicago from Ukraine in the 1950s, the Ukrainian Village community, her work as an artist, and her reflections on the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The One And Only Steven!

Dad and I are doing a fun interview together. We are learning more about Oral History.

Mémé, 2015

Oral history type interview with my Mémé (american/french canadian grandmother). Wanted to capture some of her thoughts as she has mid stage dementia / alzheimers