Gail Yost and Roger Yost

Wife and husband Gail Yost [no age given] and Roger Yost (71) speak about their careers, their children, and their retirement.

Madi interviews her Papa

Papa and I talked about his childhood, how he became a chemist, how he met my grandmother (with my grandmother chiming into the stories). He also told me about the biggest lessons he has learned in life as well and...

Gloria Pillow and Thomas Pillow

Husband and wife, Gloria Pillow (75) and Thomas Pillow (76), reflect on being a part of the last generation to attend segregated schools in Nashville, Tennessee. They speak fondly of their experience at their all-Black high school, Cameron.

Kenneth Burtness and Isabella Gonzalez

Kenneth "Ken" Burtness (79) sits down with new friend and interviewer Isabella Gonzalez (25) to talk about his service in the military, working with Vietnam veterans, and how an assignment to Alaska changed the course of his life.

JoAnne Mowczko and William Mowczko

JoAnne Mowczko (73) is interviewed by her husband William "Bill" Mowczko (76) about her upbringing, her educational and career journey and her future goals.

Small Town to BIG WORLD
December 10, 2018 App Interview

Jennifer Roberts grew up in a small town and later discovered the big world with an open mind. She has been exposed to many different cultures and lifestyles and has benefited greatly from it.

Kathleen Kiley and Leroy Moore Jr.

Leroy Moore Jr. (53) is interviewed by his friend, Kathleen Kiley (59), about the process of co-creating Krip-Hop, a music collective and label for artists with disabilities. They discuss the importance of visibility for hip-hop musicians with disabilities and the...

Eliana Banuelos and Mario Banuelos

Spouses Eliana Banuelos (29) and Mario Banuelos (30) share memories of growing up in Delano, California, talk about their mothers, who have both been field workers in California, and expand on their experiences as first-generation college students and, now, educators...

Krishna Pakala and Anne Hamby

Colleagues Krishna Pakala (40) and Anne Hamby (36) share a conversation about their careers and working together as colleagues. Krishna describes happy moments and lessons he has learned in his life, and Anne talks about how she would like her...

John McGown and Kathleen Hotham

John McGown (73) talks with friend Kathleen Hotham (72) about his life, his career, his children, and his wife Mary. John also shared a celebration of Mary's life that can be found at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLt63nT19_hgnbyMGi4xgHLDchyPR3Bfrl. This link worked at the time...