We talked about his life but we manly talked about his time in Vietnam and in the army.

GI Bill

I interviewed my grandpa about the Gi Bill.

Vietnam captive

Talks about before and after captured by the north vietenmise

Interview with 82nd Airborne Vietnam Vet

The interview consisted of stories about his service in basic training. While the war ended before he could go over, he went through basic training and then jump school to join the 82nd Airborne.

Military memories

My great uncle talks about how/why he joined the military and his feelings during this time of chaos.

My Grandmother

I was interviewing my grandma and talking about her childhood and her life.


My grandmas experience in Chicago surrounding the Vietnam War and 1968 Democratic Convention.


Gene’s experience in Vietnam and the time surrounding it

LHP 2019 Karl Mattox
March 24, 2019 App Interview

Karl Mattox talks about teaching at Miami University during the Vietnam War, and how student protests shaped his time teaching.


We talked about her life and everything my grandmother went through.

The Core Values of Life

In this interview Robert Madderom tells us about his what he did for work, how he met his wife and what his childhood was like.

My grandpas life story

I have learned about my grandpa and about my family history

The Great Thanksgiving Listen 2019

My grandparents high school years and early years of marriage. Memories and jobs that they had.

Interview with Uncle Steven

My uncle, Steven recalls the story of his life in Vietnam and how life was he fled after the war.

Vietnam War LHP

interview with my grandma about growing up during the Vietnam war

My interview with my dad
May 23, 2022 App Interview

My interview with my dad, on his childhood, growing up. While his father was away in the Navy.

Vietnam Peggy Skok
November 30, 2022 App Interview

For this interview I talk to my grandmother about her experience during the Vietnam war.