Pain Management: Mary Ann Schreiber

Mary Ann is a cancer survivor. She is a warrior receiving a bone marrow transplant from her son. She is also a physical therapist and has been managing pain for a long time. Today she lives with an attitude of...

A Talk with Dawn

Hi! I'm Ariel (with the curly hair) and I interviewed my employer and inspiration Dawn. We talk about her life from childhood to owning and operating a small business. It's a long conversation, but I hope and believe you have...

Resiliency is KEY

We discussed illnesses that my mother faced through her life and how she overcame those.

Thanksgiving Listen With Gib Pap.

I interviewed my Pap Gib Patt about his life and his recent endeavors. On October 1 2023, my pap was in a car accident. He has been in three different hospitals since and is getting better every day.

Fraser Rasmussen and Marit Nierman

Fraser Rasmussen (77) shares stories with his daughter, Marit Nierman (47), on how he chooses to live his life as a peace activist after growing up in Richland, Washington, a site that was heavily involved in creating the bomb that...

Pamela Gore Meade and Louise Lashley

Pamela Gore Meade (59) shares a conversation with her mother, Louise Lashley (85), about Louise’s childhood, her parents, art, music, and raising her children.

Biddy Thoughts

Our Grandmother, Alyce Rae Davenport, nicknamed her 4th daughter “Biddy girl”. Biddy went on to become my Mom. At the time of the interview, July 04, 2018, Mom was fighting lung cancer, which you can hear in the beginning. Then...

Lawson Leonard Delony III and Lawson Delony

Lawson Leonard Delony III (63) interviews his father, Lawson L. Delony Jr. (92), on his birthday. They also celebrate Lawson Leonard Delony III's 50 year anniversary since first being diagnosed with cancer.

Kristin Szakos and Joseph Thomas

Kristin Szakos (62), a former Charlottesville City Council member, has a chat with One Small Step partner Joseph "Joe" Thomas (58), a conservator talk show radio host, on their overlapping and varying experience that have shaped their beliefs politically.

Scott Davis and Yvette Davis

Colon cancer survior Scott Davis (52) and his wife Yvette Capris Davis (49) speak about how the cancer diagnosis and treatment affected their marriage and their life, why they came to CTCA for treatment and how volunteering at CTCA helps...

Mona Haleem and Noor Haleem

Mona Haleem (44) interviews her mother, Noor Haleem (66), about faith, family, migration, and the ways she wants her legacy to live on.

My Dad’s Adventure

“It’s been 8 years being cancer free.” On December 10, 2017, Lea Gonzales interviews her Father on what his childhood and school was like l. Towards the end and the middle of the interview her father talks about how he...

Stephen Hayes, Lender Green-Al-Khaaliq, and William King II

Artist Stephen Hayes (38) talks to his brother, William King (53), and their mother, Lender Green-Al-Khaaliq (71), about the inspiration behind his art and the role his brother and mother played in supporting his dream. They talk about the monument...

Dr. Darla Shaw & Beth Moeller of The Griswold Home Care Resilience Project: How our stories define us & we must evolve to enrich our stories

Dr. Darla Shaw (82) of Fairfield County, CT sat down with Beth Moeller of Griswold Home Care Fairfield County in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, to share wisdom about resiliency and how to REAP the rewards of a rich...

Paula Leftwich and Michael Fielder

Paula Leftwich (67) shares a conversation with her brother Michael Fielder (63) about surviving cancer, their families, their family history and heritage, their parents, and their children.

Vanessa Traverse and Bridget Nicholson

Friends Vanessa Traverse (37) and Bridget Nicholson (64) reminisce on memories from their long friendship and describe their lives at Innisfree Village.