Yuri Ramos and Frency Moore

Yuri Ramos (36) reflects upon the memory of his mother, an immigrant from Brazil, with his sister Frency Ramos Moore (31). They have a conversation on the anniversary of their mother’s death who was killed by a drunk driver coming...

Kirsten Delegard and Ryan Mattke

Colleagues Kirsten Delegard (49) and Ryan Mattke (37) talk about Kirsten’s project, Historyapolis, to map the history of Minneapolis and understand the legacy of racial discrimination in the city.

Danny Bell and Sydia Bell

Danny Bell (76) tells his daughter Sydia Bell (35) about growing up in Brooklyn and the day that he saved her mother.

Daquarius Greene and Reginald Cason

Daquarius "Q" Greene (26) talks with his mentor Reginald "Reggie" Cason (47) about the accident that changed his life and the organization he created to help young people about the importance of making good decisions.

David Murkison and Ellen Murkison

Ellen Murkison (42) interviews her husband David Murkison (42) about how the accident of their sons impacted their lives and their son's journey to recover.

William (Billy) Dahlheim and Katie Dahlheim

Billy Dahlheim (32) talks with his wife Katie Dahlheim (30) about growing up on a U.S. Air Force base in Germany, joining the National Guard, being deployed to Iraq in 2003 with his brother, his experience there, and two friends...

Emily Munyak and Adrienne Munyak English Interview

I sat down with my mom Adrienne Munyak and talked to her about out tragic car accident that changed out lives. This story is about recovery from injury and loosing a part of you but slowly gaining it back.

Steven Govus and Lillian Govus

Lillian Govus (33) interviews her father Steve Govus (66) about being a pilot, about how he managed after his spinal cord was severed in a car accident, and about his service during the Vietnam War.

Jennifer McCarthy and Teriyana Morton

Jennifer McCarthy (52) talks with her new friend and "fellow first-born" Teriyana Morton (28) about Jennifer's upbringing, education, and family. Jennifer talks about the impact of a traumatic brain injury on her high school experience and shares about her time...