Tim Towslee and Allison Swingle

[Recorded January 31, 2021] Tim Towslee, 44, and Allison Swingle, 31, participate in a One Small Step conversation via Zoom. They talk about their work in outdoor education, the impact of having a parent pass away, how their political views...

“Science is something that you can learn and that you can achieve through hard work.” An interview with Michelle Newcomer

Michelle Newcomer is now a research scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab but her first degree was in French and Sociology. She talks here about the fear that comes with changing careers, taking risks, and pursuing the path that you...

Crystal Frazier and Laurie Jones

Crystal Frazier (55) talks to her friend and colleague Laurie Jones (40) about assessing deployers before and after going to West Africa.

BAMF Mother Goes From Executive Chef To Studying For Law Enforcement

An interview with my second mom who has done a 360 in her career path. Originally an executive chef and after the pandemic, has started studying to go into law enforcement to bring justice