Richard Olchawa Ohava and Janet Hsieh

Spouses Richard Ohava (81) and Janet Hsieh [no age given] discuss their respective backgrounds, upbringings and their relationship.

Austin Reilly and Aaron Cummings

One Small Step conversation partners Austin Reilly (29) and Aaron Cummings (23) talk about feminism, culture, and the differences between and learnings from Gen Z and Millennial generations.

Mary Duncan and Shelly McCollum

Shelly McCollum (56) and her mother, Mary "Carolyne" Duncan (77), share a conversation about their childhood memories, their careers in education, and the ways in which society has changed during their lifetimes.

Life lessons from Rebecca Ingals

This interview took place on November 29, 2020 in Salem, MA. I, Raya Young, interviewed my friend Rebecca Ingals who is in her sixties. She talks about growing up on Martha’s Vineyard, meeting her second husband John, and how Covid...

Andrea Ohl and Julia Green

Mother and daughter Andrea “Ann” Ohl (81) and Julia Green (53) share a conversation about Ann’s years growing up in Iowa, her love of archaeology, and her experience building a house in West Texas. Julia also talks about her career...

Chandra Brown and Leonard Stewart

Chandra Brown (50) and her husband Leonard Stewart Jr. (46) share their love story, the twists of fate that brought the two of them together, and both of their involvement as advocates for their community.

Neha Avadhani and Meena Pasupathy

Neha Avadhani (18) asks her family friend, and close aunt, Meena Pasupathy (53) about her childhood, her experience moving to the US from India, and some lessons she has learned throughout her career.

Dan Ahlstrom and Mohan Kambampati

One Small Step conversation partners Dan Ahlstrom [no age given] and Mohan Kambampati (79) discuss their backgrounds, political views, religious influences, and share their appreciation for Wichita, KS.


Yelena Cruz, age: 15 and I don’t know their relationship particularly with anyone.

Andy Wilkinson, Emily Wilkinson, and Ian Wilkinson

Andy Wilkinson (72) speaks with his daughter Emily Wilkinson (40) and his son Ian Wilkinson (46) talk about Andy's path from growing up on a farm to pursuing music and being an educator.

The Valuable Experience of Working Aboard

On May 8th, 2020, Eoin O'Hare (18) talks with his uncle Gavin O'Hare (39) about when Gavin left Ireland to work in Australia for 6 years, and the experiences, lessons, and developments that came with it.

Dawn Fausner and Juleia Smith – 61 and 16

Juleia Smith (16) interviews her coworker Dawn Fausner (61) who is a hygienist and a nursing student. They talk about the medical field, life lessons, finding love later in life, career passion, and more.

Jacqueline Arthur-Montagne and Sara Robinson

[Recorded Friday, Feb. 4th, 2022] Jacqueline (33) and Sara (75) recorded a One Small Step conversation together in Charlottesville, Virginia. They discussed marriage, LGBTQ identities, memories of childhood, and their professional lives.