Moni Hernandez and Evelyn Strom

Friends and fellow entrepreneurs Moni Hernandez [no age given] and Evelyn Strom [no age given] share a conversation about their life paths, Latino culture and community in Colorado, and how they serve those around them.

Libby Woodham and her mother Shawn Woodham talk about her life and the importance of loving what you do

This interview was conducted in November of 2023 where Libby Woodham (17) interviews her mother Shawn Woodham about her childhood, education, and career and how vital it is to enjoy what you do in life. Mrs. Woodham shares her favorite...

Yaaminii Bhardwaj and Prem Bhardwaj

Yaaminii Bhardwaj (17) talks with her dad, Prem Bhardwaj (47), about his childhood, his career, his experience immigrating to America from India, and his hopes and dreams for Yaaminii.

Rosemary Closson and Frances Landrum: If it were not for the Baha'i Faith we never would have known each other.

Rosemary Closson: 2020-07-30 15:17:43 Rosemary Closson (74) and Frances Landrum (76) friends for 36 years talk about Frances' journey from high school drop-out to talented ESOL teacher. Both realized that given their stations in life they wouldn't have known one...

"We as humans have just this innate desire to explore." an interview with Elizabeth Rampe

Elizabeth Rampe, a mineralogist, studying Mars at the NASA Johnson Space Center, shares about her life and work. She focuses on minerals on the surface of Mars which formed from water-rock interactions, which have the potential to show billions of...

Alexis Rutt and Lloyd Mast

Alexis Rutt (37) interviews her stepfather, Lloyd Mast (76), about his childhood upbringing, being drafted for the Vietnam War and living in Cincinnati, and about the way his faith has evolved over time.

"Everyone deserves to be in science because science affects everybody." An interview with Jaida Elcock

Jaida Elcock says she thrives in chaos. And we’re inclined to believe her. From her ridiculously entertaining TikToks on animal facts, to her work with the non-profit Minorities in Shark Sciences (oh, did we mention she’s currently pursuing her Ph.D.),...

"When something changes your understanding, that's why you go into this field." an interview with Brian Day

Brian Day, of NASA’s Solar System Exploration Virtual Institute, leads a group of scientists in visualization and analysis of spacecraft data. Brian was taught that there’s no water on the moon, there’s no atmosphere on the moon, and the moon...

"You need to get into the storm, install it close enough to the lightning, and then run back to the car." an interview with Tim Lang

Putting up tall PVC pipes with pointy sensors to measure electrical fields in an approaching lightning storm may seem reckless, but it’s all part of the job for Timothy Lang. The NASA research scientist spends a lot of time in...

Sarah White and Margaret Avery

One Small Step conversation partners Sarah White (53) and Margaret "Frances" Avery (62) have a conversation about their rural childhoods, their parents as big influences in their lives, and monuments coming down in Richmond.

"Celestial events are always a winner.” an interview with Kristen Erickson

Kristen Erickson, Director of science engagements and partnership, recently helmed NASA’s efforts to involve over 154 million adult Americans with direct participation with the 2017 total eclipse – the largest engagement effort in NASA history. But in her more than...

Paul Chang and Lauren Devine

Paul Chang (48) is interviewed by his colleague Lauren Devine (33) about his childhood and moving from China to the United States, starting his career in the Department of Labor, and some of the cases he has worked on throughout...

Trinity Bourgeois and Susan Worrell

One Small Step conversation partners Trinity Bourgeois (21) and Susan Worrell (72) have a conversation about the similarities in their childhood dinner conversations, the assumptions people make about them, and their shared love of Germany.

Daniel Pinilla and Marija Krstevska

Friends Daniel "Alejandro" Pinilla (30) and Marija Krstevska (27) share about how they chose their careers in advocacy, share some of their childhood memories, and talk about their time in New York with the Columbia Human Rights Advocates Program.

Robert Jahnke and Brenda Ford

StoryCorps facilitator Brenda Ford (49) interviews Robert Jahnke (60) about his experiences in the military, starting a business, and what he's learned attending Tony Robbins' seminars.

Justin Mashouf and Mohammad Raza

Friends Justin Mashouf (36) and Mohammad Raza (25) share about their childhoods, compare their relationships to their Muslim identity, and reflect on their affinity to media and film.

Maria Elena Giner and Adriana Resendez

Colegas y amigas Maria Elena Giner (55) y Adriana Resendez (57) reflexionan sobre sus experiencias compartidas como madres trabajadoras, mujeres en ciencias, tecnología, ingeniería, y matemáticas, y su trabajo a la Comisión Internacional de Límites y Aguas.. [Colleagues and friends...

Debra Brathwaite and Tracey Mallory

Tracey Mallory (48) and her friend and mentor Debra Brathwaite (69) talk about their careers in education, compare their career paths, and share memories of when they first met.

Yasuharu Okuda and Phillip Wortham

Colleagues Yasuharu "Haru" Okuda (49) and Phillip Wortham (39) share the experiences that led them to undertake careers in medical simulation and explain the importance of simulated medical practice for reducing patient harm and loss of life.

"I am satisfied by simply being able to help out in whatever way I can." an interview with Claire Parkinson

Dr. Claire Parkinson, senior scientist at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center since 1978, discusses using satellite data to monitor sea ice in the Arctic and Antarctic and serving as project scientist for the NASA satellite Aqua, which makes measurements of...

“What I do is I make sure that data is accessible and we say discoverable… which is really important.” An Interview with Michele Thornton

When it comes to data archiving, Michele Thornton has you covered. As a Geospatial Data Professional for ORNL-DAAC, Michele ensures that NASA funded research is accessible not only to researchers out in the field but to a larger user community...

"I got a little periodic table wallet card. So, I really am a card-carrying chemist." an interview with Jack Kaye

Jack Kaye, associate director for research at NASA's Earth Science Division, discuss his origins as a chemist and earth scientist, and how he was recruited to Goddard to be a chemist among meteorologists. "My boss would advertise me as his...

“Apollo 11….That's when I said, I don't have to be a businessman, I don't have to go into the military." an interview with Michael Meyer

Michael Meyer, NASA's Chief Scientist for the Mars Exploration Program, talks about his life and work in science. As a teenager working as a deckhand on a treasure diving boat in Florida, he was hired to replace some fired divers...