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Sonya Hollins and Elvira Bernard

Sonya Hollins (55) interviews her mother Elvira Bernard [no age given] about Elvira’s decision to go back to school as single mother of four children in order to become a nurse. They also discuss hurdles Elvira faced in the nursing...

Anne Hensley and Chafe Hensley

Spouses Anne Hensley (49) and Chafe Hensley (48) discuss their future, happiness, the importance of community, and their joint business venture Weirder Wonderland LLC.

Arica Avery and Brian Foster

Arica "Ariy" Avery (33) talks with her boyfriend Brian Foster (34) about childhood memories, their relationship, and their pathways to entrepreneurship.

Elisabeth Erickson Meyer and Michael Meyer

Spouses Elisabeth Erickson Meyer (48) and Michael Meyer (51) share the story of how they met, their engagement story, and their fertility efforts to conceive their daughter Margo.

Mary DeLeonardis and Thomas Williams

Mary DeLeonardis (46) interviews her father Thomas Jay Williams Sr. (81) about his childhood memories, politics, Thomas’ decision to join the priesthood, enlisting in the Air Force, and how his life has changed since having his stroke six weeks ago.

Roger Lewis and Franchesca Peña

Franchesca Peña [No Age Given] interviews conversation partner Roger Lewis (69) about the people who were most important to him including his parents and his fourth grade teacher. He also talks about his wife who stood by him through getting...

Keith Mosier and Michael Lunter

Friends Keith Mosier (64) and Michael Lunter (65) discuss how they met, their work with people with AIDS, how they got involved with the community organization Food Outreach, their coming out stories, the AIDS epidemic and the legal protection that...