The greatest Grandma

My grandma explaining how she took care eif me and my sisters when our mother left us

Amber Moody & Kelly Corcoran

Amber, a palliative care nurse, and Kelly, Chief Mission Officer are the boots-on-the-ground team for a tele-palliative care team in rural Stevens County, Washington. Without the remote capabilities of the team, many patients seeking palliative care would need to travel...

Speaking with Michelle

My grandmother had a stroke 14 years ago and is paralyzed on her left side. Michelle is her live-in caretaker and helps my grandmother perform daily functions. She grew up in South Africa and came to the United States in...

Sherrie Floyd and Jonnie Clasen

Sherrie Floyd (67) interviews her friend Jonnie Clasen (75) about her life, her father's military career, and her 2021 induction to the Army Ranger Hall of Fame.

The shaping of Susan Fisher’s life and her empathetic past.

Conducted in Santa Cruz, California, student Kayla Penny (age 15) interviews Susan Fisher (age 45) about a childhood story and the effect it had on Susan’s future. Fisher shares her story of dealing with individuals troubled with mental health such...

Harrel Parrish and Diana Parrish

Harrel "Bubba" Parrish (71) and Diana Parrish (62), husband and wife, discuss the first signs of Bubba's Parkinson's diagnosis, common misconceptions about the disease, and the advice they would give to someone newly diagnosed.

Losing your mind: Alzheimer’s for the left behind

Questions about Alzheimer’s and learning to live with a patient.

Interview with Myra Blundetto on the Triumphs and Tribulations of Her Life

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in Lafayette, NJ, Myra is discussing her memories from her childhood and how her life changed once meeting her husband Carmen. She talks about the struggles of being financially unstable in her childhood,...

Pamela Gore Meade and Louise Lashley

Pamela Gore Meade (59) shares a conversation with her mother, Louise Lashley (85), about Louise’s childhood, her parents, art, music, and raising her children.

New Career on the Horizon

Newly minted CNA’s discuss their shared class and clinical experiences

Ashly Gonzales

Ashly Gonzales (right) tells her story of being a caregiver for her husband, Manuel Rivera, whom had an accident at work which resulted in a case of epilepsy. She speaks of the struggles of taking care of a loved one...

An Alzheimer’s Thanksgiving

In this interview I reflected on the past year and a half since the diagnosis of my father’s Alzheimer’s. It’s just me with some thoughts about the judgements people make about the way my family has attempted to navigate how...

Donna Ford talks about her career and passion

In this interview, Donna Ford and her daughter Allison Ford sit down at their house in Tustin California on the night of April 22nd 2019. They discuss Donna’s fulfilling career as a manger of a Postpartum Doula team. Donna describes...

Week 3 Interviews: Restaurant owner and mother

We talked about my mother’s overall journey to becoming a restaurant owner.

My Sister’s World

in this interview my sister and I talked about how much she means to me and how proud she is of myself and how she got through her hardships and made herself the woman she is today .

Interview of a Healthcare worker during a pandemic

Talking with a healthcare worker about how the recent pandemic has affected her and her workplace

Posterior Cortical Atrophy Part I

Brandon Lewis interviews his father, Jerald Lewis, about their family's experience with Susan Lewis's Posterior Cortical Atrophy.

Betty (Mother)

The impact of Betty, my caregiver, on my family Over her 23 year span working with us.

"It was the hardest thing that I went through in my life"
January 3, 2017 App Interview

Noel Aube lost his beloved wife, Pat, to cervical cancer in 2002 when Pat was just 43 years old. As Noel reflects, "sometimes it feels like it was yesterday and sometimes it feels like a whole other life that I...

Anissa Mitchell and Joan Lincoln

Anissa Mitchell [no age given] and Joan Lincoln (76) discuss their personal experience as caregivers for loved ones with Parkinson's Disease and the importance of support groups.