Jim Brown and Paul Anderson

One Small Step conversation partners Jim Brown (75) and Paul Anderson (78) have a conversation about their backgrounds, losses in life, political views, education, the environment, and meeting up in the future for a beer. They find common ground despite...

Angie Blevins and Michaela Loisel

Angela "Angie" Blevins (62) is interviewed by Michaela Loisel (66) about her 27 years serving in the military. During her military career, Angie worked primarily as an illustrator draftsman. Her service was spent in the Navy, Maine Army National Guard,...

John Shelton and Hazel Diaz

John Shelton (48) talks about his family, growing up in Dallas, joining the military, and his role on the ship with Hazel Diaz (33).

Willie Johnson and Flo Valentine

Willie "Will" Johnson (46) interviews his friend and patron Flo Valentine (77) about her childhood in One-Spot, Maryland, her parents, her siblings, and what she wanted to be when she grew up.

Humphrey 6/15/23

Kiwimbi International summer interns Claire (21) and Katherine (20) interview Humphrey (23), the head instructor for Kiwimbi’s carpentry program. He opens up about his educational struggles and his experience as a student and instructor at Kiwimbi. Recorded on June 15th,...

Robert Semrow and Zachary Werginz

Zachary Werginz (28) interviews his grandfather, Robert Semrow (82), about Robert's childhood memories, his love of cows, and how he became a farmer.

Jonathan Karpoff and Fred Karpoff

Jonathan Karpoff (63) interviews his father, Fred Karpoff (98), about his experiences with social justice efforts, anti-Communist sentiments and his hopes for the future.

Creativity for a Lifetime: Interview with my Grandpa

For my interview I talked with my grandpa all about his childhood and how carpentry has been apart of his life forever and eventually turned into a career.

Matthew Sanford and Sarah Aronson

Sarah Aronson (41) interviews her husband, Matthew Sanford (46), about his experience living openly as a bisexual father. They also recount their love story and reflect on the role Matthew's sexuality plays in their relationship.