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My Greatist Influencer

I talk about my first step-mom Kathy and how she influenced me. Pic is of a cup from her.

me and my mom

the first half were serious questions then things got out of hand

My cat is the most important person in my life

In November 2017 Jacey Pallas interviews Holden Arnold about how his cat is the most important person in his life.

Gina Borton and Ian Borton

Gina Borton, 31, by her husband Ian Barton, 30, about their lives together in the last few years since they got married and moved to Grand Rapids and since the last time they did a StoryCorps interview in Grand Central.

December 19, 2023 App Interview

I get bothered by a cat so I bother it back.

Welcome to our lives, Astro!

We named him Astro but call him meow cause he's vocal like that. He chitters, purrs, meows and vibrates in ways that are difficult to explain. And every time you look at him, your heart melts with love. You just...

Shirley, 93, wants everyone to know they might live longer than they expect

Shirley shares stories about aging, about her passions of kids, dance, and reading. She grew up in California as the daughter of a cowboy and has lived in San Francisco for over 40 years. She is 93 and hates the...

Interview with my Grandma About How her Stray Cat Won a Pet Show

My grandma talked about how she found a stray cat and entered it in a pet show, and it won!

How I got my cat!

This is the story of how I got my cat.

Dennis Johnson Dead Dog and Cat poop stories

Dad tells the stories of growing up about what happened with his brother, Gary, had an encounter with Marilyn's cat. He also tells the story of when he and Shirley found the dead dog on the road.

Old cats

We talk about old pets, and how painful it is to see them go

Carol Mole and her granddaughter Julia Argilan talk about growing up in Massachusetts and raising two daughters.

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in Crownsville, Maryland, Julia Argilan (13) interviews her grandmother Carol Mole (77) about her childhood in Massachusetts and raising her two daughters. Carol shares stories about what people did for fun in the...

Interview with Dad

I was asking my dad to tell me about all the cats he had and the funny thing is they did.

Talk about Fizzgig, our Fluffy Cat

Talked about our current cat, Fizzgig, and how he's had an effect on our lives.

English Project

I interviewed my grandmother and she talked about her life. She told me stories from when she was a couple years old, a teenager, in college, how she met my papa, and my dad as a kid.