David Battey and Jim Kielsmeier

Jim Kielsmeier (72) interviews his colleague and friend, David Battey (52) about David's work with youth service and their involvement in volunteerism and National service.

Me and Grandpa (Mason and Richard)

Me and my grandfather discuss some of the current issues with busing and student assignment.

John Rossi and Patrick Nolan

Friends John Rossi (65) and Patrick Nolan (58) remember their experiences growing up amidst school desegregation efforts in Seattle, Washington.

Gregory Johnson and Marcia Johnson

Spouses Gregory Johnson (73) and Marcia Johnson (73) discuss the history of busing and desegregation in Seattle. Gregory shares his experience in the voluntary busing program.

Georgia Riddick and Sarah Kirchner

One Small Step participants Georgia Riddick [no age given] and Sarah Kirchner [no age given] discuss their experiences with desegregation busing, the people who helped them begin their careers, their concerns about the environment, and their frustrations with the United...

Stefanie Felix and Mitchell Green

Mother and son Stefanie Felix (69) and Mitchell Green (38) speak about Stefanie's experience attending a multiracial high school in San Francisco, California amidst nationwide school desegregation efforts.

Racism’s big impact on Boston in 1978

What would happen to a kid who was surrounded by racist people? I, Dante Battista, age 15, interviewed my father, Richard Battista, age 55. This interview was taken in Los Angeles, California, on January 6th, 2020. This interview is about...