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The Evolution of Communication in Personal Lives and The Workplace

Ashlee Serrano interviews her mother, Ruby Serrano about how communication and media technology has evolved. We mention telephones, the first mobile phones, cell phones, emails, fax machines, passbook printers, and more!

Asking my mom how much the media has changed in her lifetime

I am a junior in college. My mom is an accountant. We talked about how much the media has changed over her lifetime.

Kima Mora and Sally [No Name Given]

One Small Step partners Kima Mora (63) and Sally [No Name Given] (54) talk about their religious beliefs and their views on politics. They reflect on communicating across difference and discuss their feelings of stalled progress.

A Reflection on the Evolution of the Internet and Mobile Media

This is a father-daughter interview with Eduardo and Kathia Dawson that covers a reflection on the evolution of the internet. Included in this interview is a discussion on topics such as cell phones, social media, smart technology, and how the...

Lawrence Meisel and Daniel Israel

One Small Step conversation partners Lawrence "Larry" Meisel (70) and Daniel "Dan" Israel (55) discuss their views on foreign and domestic policy and their experiences that shaped their views.