Jennifer Weston and Paul Wood

One Small Step partners Jennifer Weston (56) and Paul Wood (59) discuss the people and events that have most influenced their beliefs, why they are often troubled by people with similar beliefs, and why they are scared about the current...

Clara O'Daniel and Hannah Livingstone

One Small Step conversation partners Clara O'Daniel (62) and Hannah Livingstone (21) talk about their experience with homeschool, passions for history, the importance of forgiveness, and the complexities in library censorship.

Ben Ocón and Sarita Ocón

Ben Ocón (65) and daughter Sarita Ocón (33) talk about the importance of reading, literacy, and libraries from their early lives to the present day. Ben talks about his long and prestigious career as a librarian and Sarita shares stories...

Chan Williams Discussing the Change in News Media with Her Mom

Chan Williams (26) and her mother Jill Williams (57) discuss journalism. Jill Williams is a high school journalism teacher. In this conversation they discuss teaching journalism, memories of the news growing up and the changes in news media since then.

First TV in Loughrea

Cyril Connaughton (55) talks with his daughter, Maeve Connaughton (18) about television throughout his life. Cyril spoke about his favorite shows growing up as well as his opinion on the progression of television and censorship.

Mike Alewitz and Guido Garaycochea

Friends Mike Alewitz (70) and Guido Garaycochea (59) discuss Mike’s position as a censored artist, what it has been like to paint murals around the world and see them destroyed, all while conveying the message of workers' struggles.