"A person with a purpose" Jaquana Greenwood and Shatika Turner

The participants are Shatika Turner (30) and Jaquana Greenwood (25) they are family friends. The topic of the conversation was the achievements and challenges of a person that has a disability.

Sabrina Carver and Rachel Erickson

Sabrina (44) and Rachel (36) talk about what brought them to Providence as young CNAs and the Mission that has kept them here as they have developed their nursing careers. Includes stories of loss, grief, and the support they received...

Life of my son, the coolest person with cerebral palsy in a wheelchair

Some of the trials and tribulations of being black, talented, intelligent, bisexual, and in a wheelchair

Lily Marshall-Fricker and Christopher Abreu

Lily Marshall-Fricker (21) talks with Chris Abreu (32) about how work as an advocate for people living with disabilities. Lily describes why self advocacy is so important and shares how she got involved in disability activism. Lily also talks about...

Chris Leontiou and Janet Leontiou

Janet and her husband, Chris had a conversation about their twin boys. Janet asked Chris, his view of their development.

“I look back now and can see the positive that came from going to church each day.” – Josh Williams on his life, religion, and politics

Josh talks about growing up in Richmond, his family, belonging to a Pentecostal church, living with cerebral palsy, his interest/involvement in politics, and what we would like to see happen in Richmond to support his fellow citizens.

Hans Westermark and Lorraine Westermark

Spouses, Hans Westermark (72) and Lorraine Westermark [no age given], share a conversation about their childhoods and how they first met. Hans also talks about how he came to the United States from Sweden, and Lorraine talks about her career...