Lisa Camps thanksgiving interview

My grandma talks about the challenges of moving from Taiwan to America.

54 Years of Crazy

Being in love can be difficult, hower if two people love each other so much they make it seem almost as if it’s easy. Just ask Anabelle and Richard Sher. Throughout their journey of being in love, Annabelle and Richard...

My Other Me

Mostly it was about my brother’s life and how events shaped his life to who he is now.

The challenging move from Italy to the United States and its Impacts On Nicola Medugno’s life.

Nicola Medugno was a regular child born and raised in Naples, Italy. He shared his amazing memories from his childhood. He then met a remarkable women who he married, moved to New York with and started a family. He shares...

Mother most difficult moment

What was tlaked about in this I terview was when my mom went to college and she had a very big task to do and then she had dropped her assignment having to start over

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

We mostly talked about her childhood, her family, and the highlights of her life.