Tim Serban and Melody Fawcett

Tim shares his story of providing spiritual care in the context of disaster relief efforts. Providing support to those grieving, going through transitions, searching for ways to honor their loved ones. Carrying on the mission of the Providence Sisters in...

Terra Morgan and Julia Baker

Terra shares with colleague, Julia, how a series of doors kept opening and drawing her that led her to chaplaincy and hospice work. How she has found hospice work to be incredibly rewarding.

Bruce Moore and Janice Chapman

Bruce Moore (73) tells his wife Janice Chapman (74) about his upbringing as well as his experience being drafted and serving in the War in Vietnam; a war that he felt was unjust.

Bobby Mitchell and Corey Mitchell

Cousins Bobby Mitchell (45) and Corey Mitchell (43) share a conversation about their childhood in rural Missouri, Bobby’s struggles with homelessness and addiction, Bobby’s passion for ministry, and how their bond has sustained them through it all.

Jennifer Schuster Jaeger and Gary Melom

One Small Step conversation partners Jennifer Schuster Jaeger [no age given] and Gary Melom [no age given] share their thoughts on political systems, approaching change within those systems, roles of leadership, events that shaped their views, and how to co-exist...

Deanna Drake and Jane Ashe

Jane Ashe (73) and Deanna Drake (33) interviewed each other about their lives, their chaplaincies, their training and work.

John Brett, Như Tiên Lữ, and Tin Tin Abiba

John Brett (age not given) talks with Nhu Tien Lu (37) and Christine Abiba (20) about his work in chaplaincy.