Noah cejas interview

Asking my mom about her sport and her thoughts about me in mine

Denise Sinnett talks about growing up as an only child in Plano texas

My moms life Growing up as an only child in Plano Texas from a blue collar family. Representing influences of school and family. November 29, 2018. Talks about how she found her way to becoming a nurse as her current...

Me and my Grandmother, Dena Bowden.

I interviewed my grandmother about her time growing up, and her favorite family traditions. I also asked her about her schooling and her experience as an Alabama Cheerleader.

Kaitlyn Kelley’s Cheerleading Interview

Erin Kelley interviewed her cousin Kaitlyn Kelley about her experiences being a high school and a college cheerleader. Kaitlyn talks about her experience being a captain her senior year of high school and how that inspired her to want to...

The Person I am Today

This interview is private.