Vito Palmietto and Vito G Palmietto

Vito G Palmietto (30) interviews his father, Vito Palmietto (61), about his career in the food service industry. They discuss Vito's experiences acting as an Executive Chef and as a Food and Beverage Director, as well as what it was...

Covid-19: Joe Muldoon of Haddon Culinary

Jackie Neale interviews Haddon Culinary chef-owner and friend, Joe Muldoon during the Covid-19 global pandemic. Joe speaks to the fact that his business only just opened 4 months before the stay-at-home order given by the President of the U.S. and...

How My Dad Inspired Me To Want To Become A Chef

My name is Jack Kilcourse and I interviewed my Dad about what influenced me to want to become a chef

Interviewing my dad

Carlos 15 years old interviews his dad, Juan Iraheta. He asks him about his career choice and past in El Salvador.

Chef Chuck Subra

Chuck Subra’s career as an executive chef.

John Nettles’ interview with his uncle and Private Chef, Andy Ennis.

On December 25, 2022, in New Hope, Pennsylvania, John Nettles (16) interviewed his Uncle, Andy Ennis (58) about both his memorable childhood growing up in Michiana, Michigan, along with his career as a private chef. Born in 1964, Andy always...

Pierre Beuret and Natasha Rice

Natasha Rice [no age given] talks with her dad, Pierre Beuret [no age given], about his childhood in Switzerland, his career as a chef, and the many places he has traveled.

William Hortz, David Jones, and Donna Sagan-Hortz

William "Bill" Hortz (62) shares a conversation with his wife Donna Sagan-Hortz (60) and friend David Jones (83) about food security, community-focused work, the organization One More Plate, and the lessons they have learned from their work.

Food craze!

My son Carl absolutely loves food and food combinations. I asked him a few questions to explore this topic.

Liz Kass and Brad Gregory

Former colleagues Dr. Liz Kass (62) and Brad Gregory (72) talk about the HIV crisis of the '80s and reflect on their experience working at the Hospice at Mission Hill, an AIDS hospice care facility. They discuss how their previous...

Hugo’s Job

Thia interview is about The work of Hugo who is a chef and loves bis work

Mark discusses his job as a banquet chef with myself, Jessica. He explains why he chose his career and parts of his life.

I spoke with my co-worker Mark Macfee for my StoryCorps interview. We recorded in Clifton Park, NY. I asked him questions about his career, dreams and his life in general.