Food craze!

My son Carl absolutely loves food and food combinations. I asked him a few questions to explore this topic.

Mark discusses his job as a banquet chef with myself, Jessica. He explains why he chose his career and parts of his life.

I spoke with my co-worker Mark Macfee for my StoryCorps interview. We recorded in Clifton Park, NY. I asked him questions about his career, dreams and his life in general.

How My Dad Inspired Me To Want To Become A Chef

My name is Jack Kilcourse and I interviewed my Dad about what influenced me to want to become a chef

Chef Chuck Subra

Chuck Subra’s career as an executive chef.

Hugo’s Job

Thia interview is about The work of Hugo who is a chef and loves bis work

Interviewing my dad

Carlos 15 years old interviews his dad, Juan Iraheta. He asks him about his career choice and past in El Salvador.