Jessica W. interviews Anonymous about America in a Kenyan’s Perspective.

In this interview conducted on April 2021 in a house in Chicago Illinois, anonymous and interviewer sit down to talk about topics related to America and anonymous’ different experience in this country (both good and bad) and the lessons to...

Brenda Rodriguez and Leanna Gruhn

Loyola University Chicago MSW student Leanna Gruhn discusses issues in immigration with Brenda Rodriguez, a Compañera from the Taller De José agency located in Chicago's Little Village neighborhood. In this clip, Brenda discusses what she wishes people would know about...

Dad at Christmas 2016

Story of Dad's childhood in Chicago, about his parents, WW2, going to school and college, and getting drafted into military service.

MJ & Tyanne

MJ interviews their friend Tyanne on her senior year at Whitney Young HS, plans for the future, Chicago food, and more.

Living History Project: Yelytza’s immigrant story

Me (17) and my mom (36) talk about her journey from Mexico to the US and how different her life has been since.