Edward Uhlir, Lydia Uhlir, and Laura Uhlir

Edward Uhlir (72), who was the project design director for Millennium Park, is interviewed by his daughters, Laura (30) and Lydia (33) Uhlir, about his long career in civil service.

Francine Washington and Larry Washington

Francine Washington (64) and her husband Larry Washington (66) talk about life in the Stateway Gardens community and their experiences working for CHA over the course of many years, throughout changes in leadership.

Lois Dobry and Alan Dobry

Lois Friedberg Dobry (94) and her husband Alan Dobry (92) talk about their involvement in Chicago politics, from Alan's role as 5th ward Committeeman, to the Harold Washington Mayoral campaign, their involvement in Barack Obama's Senate campaign, the preservation of...

The Superhero Origin Story of the Chicago Full Moon Jam

Chicago Full Moon Jam founder Liz Breen Campanella and former FMJ organizer and board member Michi Trota talk about their love of art and fire, nurturing a vibrant community of performers, musicians, and volunteers, and the evolution of the FMJ...