Paul Morrissey talks about his life.

This is a interview was on November 23, 2017, with Paul Morrissey and his nephew. Paul Morrissey talks about his childhood and further into the future about his several business and busines partners.

Thanksgiving Interview

I interviewed my grandmother who grew up in Germany and currently lives in Houston, Texas.

Grandma Cook’s life

I interviewed my grandma and I learned a lot about my grandma's life and some valuable life lessons that will be very useful in the future.


A little fooling around with a nine year old.

My Father

An interview with my loving father!

Nate Larson interviews his grandpa about his life

In this interview, Nate Larson(15) interviews Don Larson(80), his grandfather about his life. Don covers childhood memories and how life was like when he was a kid. Also, he talks about his success as a business owner and the historical...

Cyril’s childhood and job experience

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 San Diego, Loïc Delattre interviews his father Cyril Delattre about his childhood and his job experience.

Addisyn & Aunt Michelle 1/2/2019

Interview of Addisyn at age 5. Unfortunately, this was over FaceTime since I had a cold and my sister had bronchitis, but the game plan is to redo this interview every year as Addisyn grows up.

Interview with my dad!!

This is an interview talking to my dad about his inspirations, happiest memories, and childhood.

StoryCorps Project

In this interview we talked about my grandmothers childhood and what she wanted to be when she growed up.

Life in Belarus

As a child my mother lived in Belarus. Growing up she had many responsibilities, such as tending to the farm and taking care of the cows. Growing up in a very close cummunity made a great impact on the type...

Interview with Beatriz Diez-Rodriguez

interview between mother and daughter about life

My mom and me

My mom and me go through different topics from her growing up to her now as an adult .

Interview with PawPaw Tap

I talked to my PawPaw Tao about his early childhood, the war, and funny stories.