Interview with my dad part 2

Interview with my dad about his childhood as well as his current life.

Interview with my Uncle

I interview my Uncle about his childhood and how religion has impacted him. We also discuss different aspects his life.

My grandpas life

Clint Gienger (67) talks to his grandaughter, Ali Thykeson (14) about his childhood and life after retirement.

My Mother

Talking about the childhood of my mother and what she thinks she’ll do in the future.


An interview with my mom mainly based on her childhood and life lessons.

IRED StoryCorp Assignment

We talked about Samie Jo’s life and future.

Reminiscing On The Days Before Quarantine

Aliya and Justin finally sit down to talk about how life has been like since quarantine in the case of the global COVID-19 crisis.

Sociology Exam

An interview about childhoods and parenting

Oliver Amen interviewing his not-elder Joanne Larson

Oliver Amen interviews his grandmother Joanne Larson and learns about her life and everything about it including growing up, marriage and life lessons.

Emily Schmidt and her grandma Barb Ford talk about her life.

Emily Schmidt Interviewed her grandma on Thanksgiving about her life, her marriages which there were two, and her childhood living in Sarver. She also talked about my father and how he grew up and his transition between his two dads...

Interview with my grandpa

I ask him about when he was younger and my grandmother when they met.

Simran Titan and her Grandma Manju Desai talk about growing up in India.

in this interview, conducted in November 2019 in Oakland CA Simran Titan (13) interviews her grandma Manju Desai (75) about growing up in India and her grandma having a large influence on her. She also talks about school and her...

My mom growing up in the Navy

This is a interview of my mom and her experience of growing up in the navy. she talks about how it has effected her today.

An interview with my Aunt Candice

I asked my Aunt questions about her upbringing and her views on life.