Mom Interview

My mom explains to me what her life what was like as a kid, and what she wants for me as I grow up.

Sweetest Honey

Talking with my mother about how she grew up and how being a parent changed her.

Her Story

I interviewed my mother,Reina Trejo, about her life story and how she felt after having have had to come to a foreign country. her experience has made me feel forever grateful for what i have had my entire life.

Mis Ancestros

Melanie Tellez (17) talks with her mother, Maria Tellez (51) about her childhood and what it was like growing up in Mexico. They both speak on the values that were taught to her by her parents and siblings.

Service Learning Project

My Dad's experience in what it was like growing up in Los Angeles.

Ethel Mae Murphy

An interview about growing up in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles.

The Suprising Life of a Dad
December 4, 2017 App Interview

Ups and downs in life can make an interesting story. On November of 2017 Ian Kim interviews his dad Yong Ho Kim about his early High School life. The story takes place from 1984 in South Korea, and it shows...

Childhood lifestyle

My interview is mostly about my participants childhood, and what he’s most proud of out of all his life. Also on who he admires the most.

“I think we were brought up on love.”

Adam Rife and Tessa (Rife) Mulvaney interview their maternal grandmother, Betty Ruth Rife, about her early years in a small town, experience in nursing school, memories of her late husband, and a family built of love.

Always being the new kid

On December 4th, 2017 Trixie Davis,14, interveiwed her father, Tom Davis, about what his life was like growing up and switching schools are on the Southern California area in the 1980’s. Fam tells her about his experiences going to three...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

This is an interview between my mom and I. We talked about her life and how being a parent has changed her life. We also talked about our childhoods and what we were like.

Grandpa VB
November 27, 2022 App Interview

Asa Van Buren interviewed his paternal grandfather Roger Van Buren for a school project. He asked questions about Roger's childhood, etc.

MY Dads Childhood

We talked about a lot of great things involving childhood. We talked about school and different childhood memories.