The Chat

This interview was mainly about life when she was younger, how she remembers me and my mom. She also reflects on how she sees every day and advice.

From Mali to America.

Gaoussou “Papou” Cissoko came from a foreign, yet familiar political mindset and explained the difficulties for students during that time. We also explored the life challenges and experiences for him as a Malian and as an immigrant. #thegreatthanksgivinglisten #immigration #politics...

From Chicago to Coast Guard

We talked about Kurt’s childhood and early role models that influenced him to join the Coast Guard. (Don’t mind the last few seconds I thought the recording had stopped)

Sandra Estes

I interviewed my adopted aunt Sandra (Sandy) Estes. She’s in her 60s and is a local to San Diego, California. I’ve known her since birth and has had a great impact to my family and my life.

Interview With Mom

My mother talked about her time growing up and important life lessons

Garner speaks to Daniel about his childhood.

Garner Hart (14) interviews his father, Daniel Hart (41) about his childhood experiences. These experiences included family vacations and stories about his grandparents. The interview starts with school but then goes to summers. Afterward, the two talk about Daniel’s parents...

Impact Lab – SF

Steven’s childhood in brief. His path to becoming a teacher… including his relatively brief time working at Apple.

My Mom, Ruth

My moms tells me about her childhood in Guadalajara, Mexico, her grandma, and her biggest regrets.

Kaleah Logan & Jerome Spurlock

In this interview we simply overall touched on the different stages in his life, how he felt, what he could’ve done better & advice that he has taken and would share with others.

ENG 131 Interview

I conducted an interview with my roommate, Rory, about his life growing up

Interview with Iliana Britt

I interviewed my mother discussing things from her past and present.


I interviewed my grandma who was born and raised Alexandria, Indiana. We talked about her childhood and being raised around the lake. Being the first house on the block to have a Tv.

Interview with my Mother

We talked about her life experiences, happiest and most difficult moments, and her career.

Billy & Ronny

Billy’s life and what or who was impactful to his life and music.

Aaron Nicholas

I ask my Aaron, my boyfriend, to recount memories and lessons from his childhood and school career.

Mama’s Interview
November 29, 2018 App Interview

We talked mostly about my Mom’s life when she lived in Japan.

Interview with memeaw

I don’t have a summary right now but I might have one later,

Mom and Daughter

Talked about my mom life and how she grew up and what she was like as a kid.

Jeff Kowalchuk

We talked about his childhood and what he wants for my future. We also talked about how he wants the best for me and how he hopes for me to be successful.