Nick Interview

In this interview, I discussed Nick’s childhood.

My mom’s life story

In the interview my mom and I discussed her life beginning when she was a young girl up until she moved out of her parents home. We talked about her relationships with her immediate family and her closest friends.

“I Wasn’t Afraid to be Judged”

This is an interview with Zoey Reeves talking about her childhood and interests.

Interview with my interesting Grandpa

In this interview, we talk about childhood experiences, Jay’s service in the Navy, and international travel.

Service learning project

Life of Emma Cornejo and her memories/advice.

A one of a life time lesson

In this interview conducted on January 13, 2019 in Irvine California, Diangelo Guevara, which is 16 years, interviews his grandfather, William Rodríguez, about his childhood in the country of Puerto Rico. Mr. Rodriguez shares stories about his harsh childhood and...

A discussion with my great-grandmother

I asked five questions to my great-grandmother who told me some of her thoughts on moving to the united states from Cuba. She talked about her happy yet poor childhood and why she had to come to the United States...

Juan Gayton loving father, husband, grandfather, and Vietnam War Vet

"I came to the conclusion that I was the most important person in my life". Ansel Flanagan interviewed his Grandfather, Juan Gayton. He discovered his life as a soldier, migrant worker, and father/husband.

I’m Still Here

Karen had an incredibly difficult childhood, including abuse and every kind of mistreatment imaginable. Today she is a strong woman and a loving mother who will stop at nothing to let her daughter know her deep love.

Me, My Mom, and I: A Story of Timeless Traditions, Memories, and Influence

I, Elise Spenner, interviewed my mother about crucial aspects of her life. Our conversation began with her childhood, with family traditions, with the interesting stories from our past. Her favorite memories all revolve around shared moments with family, in nature,...

Thomas “too much”

Thomas shares stories about his childhood and his war service.

Mom’s while growing up

What life was like growing up for her

Granny Mary
November 27, 2017 App Interview

I interview my grandmother,Mary, about her childhood.

Interviewing Jenny
November 27, 2017 App Interview

Growing up the youngest of eight girls, moving frequently, memories and childhood