The great Thanksgiving listen

It was mainly focusing on him and his past childhood. It was also talking about his struggles and how he overcame them

Moms interview

My mom summarized her life story from her childhood to her teenage years. She talks about what she had to leave back when she made the choice of going to the U.S from Mexico.

Mom and Daughter.

We talked about my mom’s childhood and her journey coming to the U.S.

Family interview

We talked about her life in Mexico how the government was like and also her childhood she had back then

Interviewing Simon Angulo

my grandpa and i talked about him growing up. we also talked about his relationship with my grandma.

The greatest role model

In this interview we explore my families history with my mother who grew up in Santa Ana in the seventies. She shares details into our family’s past some of the jobs that they did and how she a mexican woman...

Questions With My Abuela

My Abuela gave a little background information about herself and about my mom as a kid 🙂


He talked about his life and what it was like.

Maria and Michael, mother and son bonding

Michael and his mom, Maria, ask and answer fundamental questions that relate back to their childhood and the things most important to them.

Giovanni and Maria talk about Maria life who is part of the X generation. ” I am the first in my family to get a college degree.”

My moms childhood life leading up to what she is today. Her relationship with her family and how they seem her being the youngest of her family. I covered my mothers childhood, parents, work, exceptions that others had on her,...

Victor and Jair

My father and I talked about his childhood and what it was like living in Mexico. We also discussed what advice he would give to his teenage self.

Interviewing my mother…

In this interview I sat down to talk with my mother about her childhood and why she decided to come to the U.S for a better life. She spoke to me about some of her struggles growing up and how...

A Woman’s Reflection on life growing up in Mexico and the hard-to-reach opportunities found there

This interview, was conducted on November 26th, 2017. Lucila Suarez (my mother) answers my questions regarding her home, siblings, parents, town, school, etc. Additionally, I ask questions about the opportunities that she had as a young ambitious teen and how...

Lizbeth & Alicia

Today me and my mom, Alicia, are talking about her childhood and education in which leads to when she came to the USA.

Interviewing Pio Hernández

I asked my father about his childhood, growing up with his parents in a small farm and a small town, then making his way to the US where he would start a new chapter in his life.

Felicitas Martínez

we talked about her early childhood days and some historical events she remembered.

Dad at nearly 50

Getting to know my dad’s childhood in Spanglish. From San Rafael, a small ranch near Huejucar, Jalisco, Mexico to Southern California and three very American daughters. He talks about life lessons and loss.

The Simple Life of My Mom

In this interview, conducted on December 1, 2019 in Los Ángeles, California Nataly Lopez(16) interviews her mother Maria(52) about her childhood, love life and religion. They have a laugh when talking about first kiss and share wise words about marriage...