We talked about her childhood and her best memories.

Erin Hernandez and her mother Lhorlee Hernandez talks about immigrating to the United States for the first time.

Conducted on December 2019 at Plano, Texas, this interview between Erin Hernandez (16) and her mom Lhorlee Hernandez (39) talks about the experiences and hardships in immigrating to the land of the United States. Mrs. Hernandez details her journey on...

Will and Toni

Toni (15) talked to her host dad Will (42) about his life and the people he loves, especially his wife Cheryl. She always new that Will had a very close relationship to god and loves his family like nothing else,...

Wise Woman with Short Answers

My grandma and I talked about her childhood and where she thought she would end up in the future. We discussed her fears and hopes for the future, as well as any advice she wanted to give to me to...

Asking my Dad, Fidelmar Esquivel

On April 24th, 2020 in Anaheim, CA, I asked my dad about how life was when he was younger and what were his thoughts when going through events.

Bette Rudy- TGTL

I interviewed my grandmother about her childhood, career history, and what meant most to her. She eloquently answered my questions and implemented her personality by trailing off once we got onto topics she was passionate about.

6 Secrets to Her Life: My Grandma

I interviewed my grandma about some of her hobbies like cooking and gardening. I also asked her about her thoughts on children.

Maggie Weems and her father Dwayne Weems talk about his childhood and his involvement in politics.

In this interview, conducted at the end of November 2019, in White House, Tennessee, Maggie Weems (18) interviews her father Dwayne Weems (54) about his childhood. Mr. Weems discusses how politics has shapes him as a man and how his...

Interview with Christine Monroe

The tales of a proud American to live in the time of many crucial events.

Asking Andy About Life

I ask Andy some questions about his life and share a few stories of my own.

Pop pop

I interview my grandfather about some of the most memorable days of his life.

Reflections part 2

My mama and I talked about how I was as a child and her dreams for me in the future.

The Life of my Grammy

My grandma tells me about her life- growing up, meeting the love of her life, raising a family, her career, and her enjoying retirement.

What’s Going on in your Mind: A Talk with my Daughter during COVID-19

I wanted to sit down and talk with my 11 year old about how her world has changed during COVID-19. I know it is hard on everyone but I wanted to see how she feels. I hope she finds some...

Interview with Mom

Interviewing my mom a series of questions in order to find out things I never knew.

Interview with my mom

Today my mom and I discussed what she was like as a kid, our family, and hopes for the future.