Stay Calm & ; Keep Pushing

I will be interviewing my childhood friend, Will Pollard about him losing a cousin that was close to him and how it changed his outlook on life or impact in general. Will and I come from similar parts of town...

Interviewing my dad, Justin Hanson

Interviewing my dad who is 43, born March 23. He was raised in the Sonora/ Twain Harte area and recalls many fond memories of his life.

Maria de la Luz Gonzales Estrada Oppen Dockins Craig Oppen and Harriet Weber

Harriet Weber [no age given] interviews her friend, Maria de la Luz Gonzales Estrada Oppen Dockins Craig Oppen [no age given] about her upbringing, family, and childhood journey from Mexico to Quincy, Washington.

Paul L. A. Reneau and Murray Pierce

Friends, Murray Pierce (66) and Paul L. A. Reneau (61), talk about their experiences as former athletes at the University of Montana, membership with the Black Student Union, athletic career, and living in Missoula, Montana.

Raul Ballesteros and Vanessa Ballesteros

Raul Ballesteros (73) talks with his daughter, Vanessa Ballesteros (37), about his childhood in a rural village in the Philippines and his experience immigrating to the US and starting a new life raising his family.

Alina Zhang and Daphne Xu

Alina Zhang (19) talks with her friend, Daphne Xu (19)about her personal experience include childhood, hobbies and college life.

Youth Vs Elder
December 1, 2021 App Interview

Nyah (16) talks about the younger days of life with her 40 year old mother, of four kids. What did she go through in the days she was growing up?

A Discussion with Anna Seyder and Rebecca Trosman

Rebecca Trosman (18) interviews her mother, Anna Seyder about her immigration story from Ukraine to the United States, life dealing with Anti-Semitism in the USSR, and how her present lifestyle lives up to her expectations of the "American Dream".

John Atkinson and Nancy Bentley

Nancy Bentley (63) interviews her husband, John Atkinson (67) about his life, focusing on his health issues with eczema and asthma, his work in the Peace Corps, and his favorite family memories.