Jorge Roque and Maria Roque

Spouses, Maria Roque (68) and Jorge Roque [no age given], share a conversation about their growing up in Cuba, immigration to the U.S., and the things they find precious in life.

Molly Given and her life story

We talked about Molly and her life, but about how she met Joel and their proposal and wedding. Please listen to 14:27 to 25:32 for their love story.

Guy Blanchette and Rose Splett

Guy Blanchette (age 67) has a conversation with his friend Rose Splett (age 85) about getting to know one another and how they became friends.

Hannah Lozano and Michael Clayton

Mike talks about his relationship with his wife. Mike gives a summary about his military service. Mike talks about his relationship with the LORD.

Emily Forest and Nate Davis
September 26, 2022 One Small Step

One Small Step conversation partners Emily Forest (49) and Nate Davis (38) talk about different walks of life, juvenile detention, the influence of faith, and wealth disparities.

Luz Karakozian and Sarah Padgett

Sarah Padgett (24) shares a conversation with new friend Luz Karakozian (59) about how Luz came to Columbus, Georgia, her plans to move to Puerto Rico, her family, her husband, and her faith.