Emmett Hohensee and Dane Winkler

One Small Step conversation partners Emmett Hohensee (36) and Dane Winkler (40) discuss illness, losing loved ones over politics, anger, travel and what they've learned recently through their studies and local community spots.

Katrina "Katt" Jeanne and Teriyana Morton

Teriyana Morton (28) interviews new friend and StoryCorps conversation partner Katrina "Katt" Jeanne (40) about her experience discovering that the man who raised her was not her biological father, learning about her genetic and ethnic makeup, and getting to know...

Helene Van Manen, Juniper Stulb, and Scarlett Stulb

Helene Van Menen [no age given] and her grandchildren Juniper Stulb [no age given] and Scarlett Stub [no age given] discuss Juniper and Scarlett’s father having cancer, their childhood, the COVID-19 pandemic, and their future career paths.

Jason Williams and Glen Wong

One Small Step conversation partners Jason Williams (45) and Glen Wong (71) discuss the impact of their upbringing and parents, race, fatherhood, international travel, chronic illness, careers, and interests.

Jennifer Yox and Pat Keebler

One Small Step partners Jennifer Yox (37) and Pat Keebler (75) have a conversation about titling memoirs, history being written by the victors, and learning to give people the benefit of the doubt.

Noelle Kempton and Jennifer Kempton

Sisters-in-law Noelle Kempton (38) and Jennifer Kempton (34) share with each other their experiences of pain, both emotionally and physically. Jennifer talks about her chronic illness and its limitations on her life, and Noelle shares about being a military spouse...

Kirin Makker and Sejal Shah

Friends Kirin Makker (49) and Sejal Shah (48) share a conversation about how they met, how their lives overlapped in different ways before meeting, about race and identity, and about living with chronic and invisible illness.

Stephanie Graham interviews Kathryn Poe: Life and The Big Choice

Kathryn is a student at Capital University. Even though she is 20, she has lived a full life ranging from being a college to having a super rare disease.

More Than Meets the Eye

We dive into living life with a chronic illness and how much more there is to it than what you can see.

The Amazing Kate Sytsma

In this interview Kate shares her story of how mitochondrial disease has affected her family and herself. Her wise words are lined with beauty and sorrow as she faces the end of her life on Earth.

Sarah Alfano and Michael Alfano

Spouses, Sarah Alfano (33) and Michael "Mike" Alfano (37), discuss the joys, challenges, and fulfillment that came with navigating their first year of parenthood during the COVID-19 pandemic. They also share their hopes and dreams for their daughter, Siena.

Managing Life with Chronic illness

Living a life with chronic illness as a wife and mother is a complex situation that requires complex solutions. Building a team is a key component to thriving in a system that's ill-equipped to bring real solutions to the real...

Shepherd Speaks 2022 – Charlotte Wilson

Charlotte speaks about dealing with chronic illness and how she is working to help others who are dealing with similar issues feel less alone

Ian Whistler and Ryan Myers

Fiancés Ian Whistler (23) and Ryan Myers (37) talk about their life together, joking about their cats aka “The Women” and sharing some of their favorite memories.