Kenisha Mahajan and Mia Payne

Friends Kenisha Mahajan (15) and Mia Payne (17) talk about immigration, climate change, the importance of youth voices, and their hopes for the future of New York City.

A Healthy And Kind Perspective

I entered the interview expecting to talk about the pandemic from the perspective of a home health nurse. Instead it was a discussion on mental health and being comfortable in your own skin.

Jan Flapan and Mary Schaafsma

Jan Flapan (age not given) and Mary Schaafsma (age not given) speak about their experience at the League of Women Voters.

Usman Mahmood and Zainab Khan

Zainab Khan (37) interviews her mentee Usman Mahmood (21) about growing up in Karachi, Pakistan, moving to Texas, civic engagement in the South Asian communities, the Muslim-American identity, and the next generation of community activists.

Madeline Mayes and Sharona Nagamuthu

Friends Madeline Mayes (16) and Sharona Nagamuthu (17) discuss how they engage in politics as young people who can't yet vote. They both discuss Next Generation Politics, Y Vote, and other organizations that help youth get civically engaged.

A History Lesson with Mr.Pues

Steven has a great outlook on the elections, politics, civic engagement, and religion.

Harry Nussdorf and Babette Albin

Spouses Harry Nussdorf [no age given] and Babette Albin [no age given] discuss their shared history of political activism and voting advocacy work.

Meredith Maney and Erin Vilardi

Erin Vilardi is the founder and director of VoteRunLead, a national organization leveraging technology and training to accelerate the number of women in civic and political leadership. She first launched VRL as vice president of program and communications at The...

Jessica Simmons and Liam Carey

Liam Carey (45) interviews his spouse, Jessica Simmons (45), about her background in education, her experience running for city council as a first-time candidates, and her hopes for New York City.

New to Orange County

Melissa and Renee talk about stories they care about in Orange County during commutes

Frank Altman, Lauren Altman, and Miriam Altman-Reyes

Frank Altman (68) speaks with his two daughters Lauren Altman (33) and Miriam Altman-Reyes (35) about their family's history of civic engagement and philanthropy. The trio also reflects on the impact that different members of their family have had on...

Rukiya Lee and Junior Duplessis

Friends and colleagues Rukiya Lee (45) and Junior Duplessis (23) talk to each other about the people and places that have informed their politics, their hopes for New York City, and what they think about democracy in the United States.