Frank Crum and Roosevelt Jones

Frank Crum (49) shares a conversation with his colleague Roosevelt Jones (85) about Roosevelt’s childhood, his time in college, his military service, his career, his family, and his perspective on life.

Mom’s Pleasant Memories.

Remembering, working, 1st Fairfield CA Grand Jury Forman, Military Wife, her special friend as two widows and remembering her daughter who died of breast cancer 11 years ago.

Danielle Droitsch and Roland Droitsch

Roland Droitsch (81) shares stories with his daughter Danielle Droitsch (51) about his childhood in Berlin and how he escaped during the war with his mother and sister. He talks about the family that took him and his mother in...

Bobby Mandell and Ben Hodges

Friends and One Small Step conversation partners Bobby Mandell [no age given] and Ben Hodges (64) talk about their upbringings, their political values, and their careers in civil and military service, respectively.

Ethan Jensen interviews David Jensen about his childhood, work and events of his life.

David Jensen discusses how growing up on Long Island and other events in his life have shaped him. He then talks about his careers as a firefighter and nurse, the lessons these jobs taught him and his hopes for the...