Suzane Veerani held a discussion with her mother Shameera Veerani based on her mother’s “Highschool Years in India”

During this interview, Suzane Veerani speaks with her mother, Shameera Veerani about her mother’s Highschool life (which was in India). They spoke about significant friendships that her mother acquired, work/actions in classes, teachers, multiple fun-filled school events that are still...

Interview with My Mom

I interviewed my mom about Class and how it affected her and her future.

FMS120 Spring 2019 Interview (Kara Lakey)

Today I interviewed my boyfriends mom for my class assignment.

Every Story Matters

Excellent conversation between two classmates and their views on life.

English097 Greenriver college

what is the most useful activities for us?

StoryCorps interview with Sarah Ludvik

This was an interview with Sarah Ludvik about the overall FMS class. This was what she enjoyed, didn’t enjoy, and an overview of the class.

Classroom noise 12/17/18

Random talking in research the last Monday of the semester before finals.

Interview with my 96-year-old grandmother, Laura.

My grandmother, Laura, grew up in Haiti and moved to the United States when she was 26. In this first part of our interview she discusses what it was like growing up in Haiti, why she left Haiti, and talks...