Talethia Edwards, Anita Wimberly, and Valerie George

A group of African-American "sista friends," Talethia Edwards (39), Valerie George (38) and Anita Wimberly [no age given], chat about life, intimate platonic friendships, family, marriage and the importance of their bond in the African-American community. They talk about the...

Matt Muhsam and Kerry Bertsch

Matthew Muhsam (51) and his lifelong friend Kerry Bertsch (53) reflect on growing up together in Seattle amongst a close-knit group of neighborhood friends. The close friends touch upon being there for one another throughout fun times and tough losses...

Kristi Hager and Leslie Van Stavern Millar talk about Hager's exhibition,"Equal: A Work in Progress".

Kristi Hager (74) talks with Leslie Van Stavern Millar (70) about Hager's Exhibition at the Missoula Art Museum, "Equal: A Work in Progress", their special art friendship over twenty years, portraits, photography and shared commitment to women's rights.

Shelley Nyren and John Baker

Friends Shelley Nyren (53) and John Baker (55) share a conversation about how they first met, how they became close friends, the art and work that they do, and their spiritual journeys.

"Do you think we'll ever lose touch"

David Flores and Gianna Gonsalves engage in a conversation about their friendship. About their futures and dreams. About their impact on each other's lives.

Leslie Hadfield, Diana Duan, and Kalo Latu

Friends Leslie Hadfield (42), Diana Duan (40), and Kalo Latu (43) discuss their friendship and what it means to them.