Lori Brewer-Ferguson and Paul Lockwood

One Small Step conversation partners Paul Lockwood (62) and Lori Brewer (63) discuss their political identities, local political issues, potential solutions to social problems, media and discourse, and their hobbies.

Three Rival Football Coaches, 120 Plus Years Of Experience, & The Beauty Of Coaching Kids, Part 2

Part 2 of the recording with three rival high school football coaches, reflecting on their years competing against each other and the joy and challenges of coaching kids.

Lauren and her grandfather Joe together on Thanksgiving.

In this interview that took place in November 2018, Lauren Lampus (16) interviews her grandfather Joe Bzorek (72) in Saxonburg on Thanksgiving. In the interview, we talked about the abundance of our family and how much of a blessing it...

Howard Cavner and Jenn Simmons

Jenn Simmons (39) interviews her friend, colleague, and mentor, Howard Cavner (68), about his childhood in the Ozarks region of Missouri, his relationship with his grandmother, the pride he has for his daughter, and the most important lessons that he...


Kyle Gronau (20) talks with Rob Cloutier (40) about self-esteem and confidence in adolescent distance runners. Rob first talks about his own experience growing up and running while dealing with a difficult home life, then gets into his job as...

Jack Mattimore and Andy Horvath continued

Summmary of experiences regarding coaching and teaching

Retirement: a new chapter
December 16, 2020 App Interview

Ben Napier is a Air Force member interviewed David Cardona the day before he retires after 20 years of active duty service. Been discussed is why he joined the air Force, raising a family in the air Force, in the...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen- Gianna Dreher interviewing her grandfather Robert Dreher. “Family is everything.”

During this interview, for The Great Thanksgiving Listen, I interviewed my grandfather, Robert Dreher. The main topics of conversation were his childhood, his family, school, his life as a teenager, and his baseball career. I got to learn more about...

Rich Duncan, Berry College Football Coach

Coach Rich Duncan shares some of his experience and perspective as a football coach.

“I am because we are”

I sit down with my former teacher, coach, and mentor to discuss life, coaching and being who you are.

Sefa Pua’auli; Worlds Greatest Coach

Sefa has coached several sports along with tons of kids throughout this area, so I was interested in learning more about his perspective and experience with leaving such a big impact on so many kids lives.

Leticia Acosta and Judith Lima

Judith Lima (25) shares a conversation with her mentor, Leticia Acosta (44), about participating in Subiendo Academy at the University of Texas, her experience in college, and the value of community and mentorship.

Kacie Carollo interviewing her mom, Keri Carollo, about parenting and coaching.

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Whitewater, Wisconsin, Kacie Carollo (14) interviews her mother, Keri Carollo (41) about parenting, coaching, and how she wants to be remembered. She shares her happiest moments and biggest regrets.

Arly and Lee Kempf’s life in Spain 1960 to 1964.

Lee and Arly Kempf talk about their time in living in Spain during the early 1960’s. Lee taught and coached children of American military families. Arly substitute taught and raised children.


An interview between a father and his son took place with a series of questions on how the father grew up and some of the decisions he made throughout his lifetime

Jessica Surufka and her Aunt’s best friend, Patty Clancy, talk about Patty’s career as a high school math teacher.

In this interview, conducted on November 25, 2023 in Highland, Indiana, Jessica Surufka (15) interviews her Aunt's best friend, Patty Clancy (59), about her career as a high school math teacher. Mrs. Clancy shares stories, both good and bad, about...

Interview with Coach Plank

I interview my boss and jiu jitsu coach Kaleb Plank. We talk about the most important lessons he has learned, mistakes, and the future.

Jordan Imhoff Interview 02/02/24
February 2, 2024 App Interview

Jordan Imhoff, 20, Co-worker. we discussed his relationship with hockey, why coaching means so much to him, and his coaching philosophy.

Richard Dice and Robert Bolton

One Small Step partners Richard "Dick" Dice (77) and Robert Bolton (67) discuss adoption, younger generations, and divisiveness caused by social media.

Coaching Lafayette Christain School Varsity Football

We talked about the 2017 football season at LCS. We also talked about how it went for the coaching staff.