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Louise Marler and Evangeline Whitlock

Louis Marler (57) speaks with her friend Evangeline Whitlock (37) about their fathers' common typewriter collections, how they met, their art, and how they plan to blend the collections after Evangeline's father passed away from COVID-19.

My Dad’s Appreciation

Discussing some fun if situations, memories, quirks, and more with my loving father! If you are to listen to anything from this interview, I suggest listening from 1:58 to 3:35.

Interview with Katie

Talking to my girlfriend for 30 minutes about her life and experiences.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen 2019

Josephine Cole (15) interviews her computer scientist father (Billy Cole, 50) on growing up in West Virginia, the events of September 11, 2001, religion and family. While he plays video games in the background, and her sister yells advise.

Coin Collecting

A discussion about coin collecting and how one can get involved.