English Narrative

My mom shares her thoughts on how she is affected on each of her kids leaving for college, and she teaches other parents lessons she has learned form a series of questions I asked her.

"If that never happened, you wouldn't exist."

I interview to my Dad about his experience moving to the United States, and the differences when growing up during middle and high school in a low SES environment. He also talks about dealing with his father's illness (Early Onset...

Navigating Marie's Life: Family, Politics, and Regrets

In this interview, Marie and I discuss topics pertaining to family & relationships, politics, climate change, money & happiness, and the ignorance surrounding large-scale suffering in third world countries. She shares her unique perspectives on these topics and comments on...

Kyle, Austin and Adam reminisce on their life experiences, specifically what has happened to them over the last 4 years.

Austin Lang, Kyle Hacker and Adam Riker (interviewer) have been friends for the past three years. But, they come to find that they may not know as much about each other as they may have thought they did.