Remembering the Space Shuttle Colombia

Discusses the Space Shuttle Colombia that disintegrated while reentering the atmosphere in 2003.

Karin and her world travels

Karin tells about her travels and experiences. She gives insight to what it’s like to live in a different culture

Mom’s experience of moving to the US from Colombia

Gloria explains how it was like for her moving to the US to work after living in Colombia

Immigration Project Interview
October 26, 2018 App Interview

This interview describes the experience of Sebastian Sanchez on immigrating from Colombia to America

Interview with my mom

Talked about her life and asked her questions about myself

Colombia POV

My Grandmother and Mother explain some of the history Colombia has, and the the controversies that occur

Design is a Process of Discovery

Andrey describes his journey from a childhood in Colombia to coming to the United States and pursuing architectural design as a student engaged in a process of discovery that will serve him building his capacity to make contributions that will...


This is an interview where I ask my mother how it was like raising me, and entering the country and how she was when she was younger.

consejos con mami

This interview consists of me asking my mother various questions about her life and the wisdom she’s attained thus far. In this interview, my mother recalls moments from my childhood and even hers. Lastly, she shares a bit of advice...

Colombian Traditional Healer

An American farmer and peacemaker encounters a traditional Colombian healer while witnessing for peace in 2002 during a time of civil conflict.

Carlos Colburn and his mom Katia Colburn talk about moving to the states.

In this interview my mom and I talked about her child hood and what it was like growing up in two different countries. We talked bout her parents and how they effected her life. To finish the interview off we...

Oral History Project: Kelsey Hayes

Experiences traveling to Colombia participating in educational programs and mission work.

Colombian protest

A interview over the protests going on in Colombia

Historia de Sonia

Sonia talks about her family and having to move away from Colombia. She describes some of her favorite things from Colombia and what she misses. Sonia also talks about childhood and her years at high school and what she likes...

Interviewing Carolina Delatorre , my mother , and best friend.
November 28, 2017 App Interview

A mother, 40, discusses her life in a nut shell in 7 min interview. Carolina Delatorre talks about childhood , upbringing , memories and gives helpful fulfilling advice.

Don Wynn

This interview is about two of his projects as a consultant and about his passion for cars.