David Hundley and Abigail Hundley

Spouses David Hundley (68) and Abigail Hundley (60) speak about David's experience growing up Black in Seattle.

Janise Wriddle and Sylester Miles

Friends Janise Wriddle (62) and Sylester "Miles" Miles (62) describe their experiences as young students during the period of desegregation in schools. Both recall the racism and colorism they've experienced in their lives.

Melva Curry and La-Verna Fountain

One Small Step partners Melva Curry (75) and La-Verna Fountain (64) discuss their personal values, identities, religious beliefs, motherhood, and potential solutions to social ills.

VCU Student Interprets Colorism
December 3, 2017 App Interview

Mass Communication major interviews a VCU student about colorism and how it impacts the community.

Synthia Hoover, Mary Ann Hoover, and Sylvester Hoover

Synthia Hoover (35) talks with her parents, Mary Ann Hoover (63) and Sylvester Hoover (64), about racism, colorism and resiliency. They reflect on how COVID-19 impacted their lives and what their hopes are for the future.

Marvin Pettiford and Daulton Jones

Friends Marvin Pettiford (84) and Daulton Jones (24) talk about their unique experiences of blackness through different generational experiences. They discuss what racism has looked like in the past and how it looks now, and share their hopes for the...

Miranda Paul and Baptiste Paul

Spouses Miranda [no age given] and Baptiste [no age given] Paul talk about their different childhoods and how neither of them could've predicted becoming successful children's book authors.

Jamie Moore and Theresa Davis

Jamie Moore (31) and her mother Theresa Davis (47) talk about Theresa's experience as the white mother of seven Black children. They talk about attending a Black Baptist church in Sonoma county but being excluded due to Theresa's outsiderness as...

Good and Bad hair

We talk about the effects of colorism and texturism on the black community

Tonia Reaves and Robin Young

Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law Tonia Reaves (51) and Robin Young (23) talk about their experiences in school. They reflect on the impact of racism on their educational upbringings, their experiences adapting to multi-racial school environments, and their hopes for future generations.

Rhonda Wilborn and Morgana Wilborn

Rhonda Wilborn (67) and her daughter, Morgana Wilborn (34), discuss their relationship together as mother and daughter. Rhonda shares memories of her grandmother and of Morgana as a baby, and the two discuss their opinions on and experiences with race.

Dhruv Patel and Preethy Jayant

Dhruv Patel (17) speaks with his school counselor Preethy Jayant (38) about identity and culture, and shares how impactful it has been to work with her, as she was his first South Asian teacher.

Finley Campbell and Elizabeth Thomas

Finley Campbell (81) is interviewed by his mentee Elizabeth Thomas (52) about his life as an educator, black panther organizer, and a child of the segregation era.