Janelle Bogart and Keith Pickus

One Small Step partners Janelle Bogart (38) and Keith Pickus (63) discuss their differences growing up Baptist in Wichita, Kansas and Jewish in Los Angeles, California.

Paula Nesoff and Irwin Nesoff

Life partners Paula Nesoff (71) and Irwin Nesoff (72) share valuable insights they've gained in their 51 years of marriage as they discuss the way that taking risks plays a central role in their relationship.

Shreya Rajaram: Her Story

On May 21st, I interviewed my friend Shreya Rajaram about her immigration story to the US, and what life was like in India.

Interview with Jade.

My interviewiee and I discuss her race, her personal life, and education.

Archive Oologah- MaKinna Brooks

Archive Oologah interviews MaKinna Brooks, a valedictorian for Oologah High School's class of 2018 about her role as valedictorian and her old and new views of Oologah.

Speaking Different Languages at Home/in School

Speaking different languages at home & in school & how it affects a person growing up & educationally.

The Importance of Language and Culture from a French Perspective

I interview my best friends’ French-American mother, Joelle. Our discussion begins with her immigration to the United States from Marseille and shifts into how language and culture have impacted the success of her fashion brand, Share With.


The interview began with the discussion of how being a parent changes you and your perspective on the life. It shifted to advice on how to raise your own child and what is important for that child to be given...

Distinctive College Prep Year 1–3rd Grade Team

Third grade teachers Melissa Ludeke and Rebecca Weiland discuss their adventures as part of the staff at Distinctive College Prep Harper Woods during their first year.

The role of education’s effect on one’s sense of identity

In this interview, we talk about how school has changed Alejandra’s sense of identity and who she is as a person.

My “Nana”; A Journey of Hard Work

A story told by a grandpa about his up bringing and his perseverance to tackling the real world asked by his granddaughter. His passion for education and success reflects off of his aspirations and struggles.

A Journey to the Past

My grandma, Barbara Viviani, had a very difficult life growing up. It all started with her father. He was from Ireland and moved to the United States and met my grandmas mother. They grew up in a very small apartment...

Heather Carey

My name is Heather Carey and I am interviewing my dad, Jim Carey about his education experience. He is a financial advisor and I am a freshman in college studying to be a math teacher.

Thaddeus Murphy’s Take on Progressing from a Poor Childhood to a Successful Lawyer

Thad Murphy discusses his timeline from working as a minor in order to help his family to working at his education and law school. He discusses law school as he experienced it: difficult and stressful, yet fulfilling and gratifying. Additionally,...

11/26/18 – Interview with Dad

There was the mention of the importance of education, life lessons, professional satisfaction and growth, stories of moving between countries (and the courage in doing so), retold WWII anecdotes, globalization, and some dating advice.

Miss Ritchea

We talked about Miss Ritchea’s childhood, her most difficult moment, and the advice she would give her teenage self.

Proyecto de español

La emtrevista fue sobre la niñez mi mamá. Sobre su vida sobre su educatión y sobre su lucha para estar donde esta

John and Audrey Russell

John and Audrey Russell tell stories from their childhood, education, and careers together. John's legs were saved from amputation by the newly available pennicilin in 1944 and he went on to set a national record running track in high school....