TA Interview

Tanner answers some questions

Chriteen’s struggles in high school

Christeen is now a very successful college student. But in her high school years she went through many hardships.

TEST Interview: A Conversation with Mr. Olson

Mr. Olson talked to me about someone who has had a positive influence on his life.

Tim Owens

About life and jobs with the military

My Grandfathers Childhood

Growing up in a poor economy area of Rosario Argentina Hugo Solano’s childhood was mainly focused on soccer, friends and family. He always played soccer since he could kick a ball at young age with his friends. He lived in...

Practice interview

What we talked about was what kind of memories he loves most and how he is grateful

Marcia Oates and Ann Mershon

One Small Step Conversation partners Marcia Oates (68) and Ann Marie Mershon (73) talk about their careers as school teachers and what they learned, the progress or lack there of on women's rights in their lifetime, abortion, and women's athletics.

Thankful: Colin Davis
November 15, 2018 App Interview

What are you thankful for? Colin answers brief questions about what he is thankful for.

Maddie Komatinsky and her Grandma talk about growing up in Wales and family and friends along her life path.

In this interview conducted on Nov. 26 in Manhattan Beach, California, Maddie Komatinsky interviews her grandmother, Anne, about her childhood and growing up. Anne shares thoughts, stories and memories of growing up in Wales, moving to he US, meeting friends...

Speech project

We talked about our times meeting and past memories of what went on.

Test Interview

It was a fun interview were I got to learn more about my friend Anna.

The family listen in

In the interview me and my nanny talked about our family. How she is very appreciative of her family and how loved she is. She also spoke about her hope for me which she said she would wish me happiness...

Sandra Jewell and Imani Thomas

Friends Rev. Dr. Sandra Jewell [no age given] and Imani Thomas [no age given] discuss what brought them together as friends and the life lessons that connect them.


I inter views taylen Hume

Two Wild and Crazy Girls

A daughter interviews her mother’s best friend on how they met and became two wild and crazy girls

The Little Things

Me and my brother discuss our past, present, and futures and overall give an introspective look at the course of our lives in general.