My Aunty’s story

My aunt talks about her faith, childhood, and people who inspired her in side school and out.

interview with my best friend/ coworker

my co worker tells her story about her struggles with substance abuse.

Interviewing my dad

I am asking my dad about his history and what he did before in his childhood.

Recording – 08-22-2023 10:36:14

he talks about his goals in life.he talks about his happiness memories. he talks about he worst fear.

Asking lots of question to get to know the person about like how they really feel about you I feel like is the best questions to ask.

Mama Mac

We talked about life. I asked a lot of questions.

Grandpa Interview (Fighting For India’s freedom)

Interview Overview/Summary: I asked my grandpa about how his father protesting peacefully to the British affected his own life. He went into detail of what his father went through as well. This is very important to me because I wanted...

perspective of a nurse

my name is Evie and I am a nurse technician at Saint Francis Hospital and I interviewed my coworker, Jennifer (nurse).

person who inspires me to be a better person interview.

This is an interview with my mom, Alisa Hart. Who has always inspired me to work hard and do the best that I can. Talked about the struggles of being a women in the engineering field in the early 1990's.


Rons life as he was growing up as a kid, mid lives and current life now

New media project

During my interview with Nina Dater, we mostly discussed her childhood and upbringing.

The Renaissance Man

This interview is about Dr. Nezhadfar. He is an Auburn Alumni and currently work for GE Aerospace in Auburn Alabama. This interview covers his background and his side skills. Dr. Nezhadfar also talks about his wife and how she supported...

My Grandfather’s and I
December 3, 2022 App Interview

Robert Martin , age 62 wyat martin , age 17 grandparents house my grandpa's life

My Interview

This interview is about my auntie and what she values and life and some of her experiences.

Keep pushing

A heart warming and inspirational interview between a 16 year old boy named kanaan Rogers, and his 80 year old grandma: ms.mcwillis. This interview is about her childhood in Arkansas moving into Chicago.

Life and Story of Barbara Fischbein

Me and my nana talked about her life and the things she has learned through some of her struggles. We also talked about her hopes for the future and her thoughts of me.

The great childhood

She had a really amazing childhood with great family and then and amazing marriage and life.

My Mom

Interviewed my mom and learned about her past


Today December 5th I interview my aunt who is 58 years old. Who told me about her experiences in life and what advice she wanted to give to others.

Immigration Story Interview

This interview is about the story of my mother and the struggles and sacrifices she had to make coming to the US

Catholic Shenanigans

Tom Kilgro is the youth leader at Prince of Peace Catholic Church. Nico Marthe is one of the many teenangers that spends Wednesday’s and Sundays with the most inspiring man he’s ever met.