Ron Williams and Barbara Feinberg

One Small Step partners Ron Williams (52) and Barbara Feinberg (81) exchanges stories that humbled them, lessons from parenting, and fears about the future of their country.

Cyndy Comics Interview

I interviewed my mom about her experiences with comics and comic books in her lifetime.

Sy Barry and Alex Wu

Sy Barry recounts his story of how he overcame his tough childhood through his passion and love for drawing. Eventually becoming a renowned comic book and comic strip artist, he was able to find success and contentment in both his...

Francesca Herrera and Diane Vasconez

Francesca Herrera (20) interviews her grandmother Diane Arlene Vasconez (82) about Diane's life, focusing on Diane's life as a child, her education, and her marriage.

Randy Ham and Anthony Lower

Two best friends, Anthony Lower (56) and Randy Ham (48) remember how they were brought together over Teen Titan comic books and Stevie Nicks in a fun and magical conversation.

Courtney Ramirez and Christopher Whitford

One Small Step conversation partners Courtney Ramirez (45) and Christopher Whitford (56) find commonality through a shared love of dogs and classic rock. They share their stories of loss: Courtney losing her husband suddenly to illness and Christopher losing his...

Rachel Masilamani and Leigh Anne Focareta

Rachel Masilamani (39) speaks to her friend and fellow librarian, Leigh Anne Focareta (43), about her fear of the racism and xenophobia surrounding the upcoming 2016 presidential election. She speaks about how she works these themes, among others, into her...

Christopher Franey and Mitch Punpayuk

Friends Christopher P. Franey (36) and Mitch Punpayuk (37) talk about their shared interest in comic books, which led to the start of their podcast. They talk about favorite superheroes and where their interests in comic books began.

Bonnie Scherr and Rachael Perez

Coworkers Bonnie Scherr (60) and Rachael Perez (23) share a conversation about their experiences living in Dalton, Georgia, the books that have impacted them, their work in the library, and the roles they see themselves filling in their community.

Hawwa Youngmark and Carolyn Young

One Small Step conversation partners Carolyn Young [no age given] and Hawwa Youngmark [no age given] discuss navigating their different identities, dealing with tragedy, their faith, and their shared love of comic books.