The Old Me

Doing this interview gave me so much insight on what I have to look forward to. Aging is a beautiful experience!

Redefining the Norm: Part II

In part one we learned about how Clay changed his school policy on allowing boys to wear makeup. In part two we went more in depth with others reactions to the policing change, the impact of social media and Clay’s...

Jida Leaokittikul "Holding Hands with my Ethnicity"

Jida Leaokittikul (17) shares her story with her classmate, Sydney Steese-Bradley (17), about her experience growing up in a community with a lack of Thai representation. She discusses values like learning personal growth, independence, and giving back to the community.

A warm afternoon with Grandma and Grandpa Mauser

A grandson interviews his two loving grandparents about everything from growing up in New York in the 1940s to Jewish cuisine and everything in between.

Dolores Lopez

Coming of age story about my grandmother and her experience of growing up in a Mexican America family in San Diego California

Mother & Child

In this interview, I ask my mother a series of questions regarding our family history, how she met my father, and her relationship with me. The interview is both interesting and emotional and displays the strong connection between mother and...

Masaya Kraichit, Rebecca Satim Penh-Ma

Rebecca Satim Penh-Ma talks with her younger cousin, Masaya Sky Kraichit about her time growing up as a refugee, adapting and growing up in America from Thailand.


we talked about my grandmothers childhood and coming of age.

Interview with grandma

I asked grandma about her life, growing up and raising many kids.

Classmate interview
November 9, 2017 App Interview

Eriq talks with his friend and classmate Carson about how he has changed from elementary school, and about becoming an adult.

Coming of age
September 17, 2018 App Interview

My father tells me about his college experience

The Great Thanksgiving Interview With My Cousin

Isabella Wong, my cousin, is a 29-year old mother who had a tough time adapting to the environment after immigrating to America at the age of 8. Growing up, she goes through many hardships with her education but she didn't...

Isaiah Maerz & Ms. Yolanda

The theme of this interview was to see what were her 5 most meaningful life lessons? Along that we talked about regrets, occasions, and important experiences that we’ve both had.

A Chinese Mother and her American Daughter

My Chinese mother recounts growing up in 1970s Suzhou, China and moving to Alabama in the early 90's to start a new life. She discusses her career, reflects on major life choices, and gives advice.

Even the Shiniest Apples Don’t Fall Far From the Tree

I decided to interview my mom because even though we both know each other very well, there were still some things left undiscovered. I am very thankful for all she has done for me throughout my life.

Dusty W. on growing up in an “Appalachian Holiness Church”

A short interview with Dusty W., who grew up in an Appalachian snake-handling family. Dusty explains his family’s beliefs and his own spiritual outlook.

Charlie Szur and Michaela Brenner

turning one of our many facetime chats into an interview where i ask Charlie about his childhood, his college experience, and what it means to go home to an unaccepting culture.