Interview with Dad

As part of The Great Listen 2018, my dad and I talked about a couple of recent, one old. He muted the football game for this, unfortunately you can't mute the grandkids.

Dad. 12/1/19

My dad and I haven’t had the best relationship, but we’ve been trying restore our bond, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to talk! We had really good chats about his childhood and our current lives; my lovely dog...

Literary Novels: Allegra Dugan interviews Micaela Dugan on coming of age, reading, and growth.

In this interview, high school senior, Allegra Dugan, talks to her older sister, Micaela Dugan, about finding a love for reading and how Micaela's attitude toward classic literature has grown. They discuss life lessons learned from novels and teachers and...

James’ love for Volkswagens

An interview about a boy’s love for cars, and Volkswagens in particular. Everything from miles per gallon to smiles per gallon is talked over.

dad interview

I sit down to discuss my fathers past and unique upbringing that is still difficult to talk about.

Aurelina and Erica’s Great Listen Interview

In this interview, I, Aurelina, have a conversation with my sister, Erica, about her experiences when she was my age. We cross upon her transition from the Dominican Republic to America, middle school, high school, and significant teachers in her...

"I don't fear the disease, I fear the effect it has on people."

Lizzie DeGraw (18) interviews her best friend, Maddy Guinen (18), about her childhood, school, coming of age, and how the Coronavirus affected her last year of highschool.

Motherly Love

I ask my mom about her view of a life changing moment she has observed me go through.

A snippet in the life of my wonderful Grandma.

My grandma is about 58 years old and has a sharp attitude to life. Her motto is to always keep things going and to never forget those most dearest to you.

Occupations; through ages and stages

Discussing occupations, youth, and school to overall conclude with: the lessons learned from working!


Imagine a world where it was weird to be straight. Women and women, man and man, women and man, it didn’t matter the pair, anyone could have a child. It just happened to be that pairs of the same sex...

The Great Thanksgiving Interview With My Cousin

Isabella Wong, my cousin, is a 29-year old mother who had a tough time adapting to the environment after immigrating to America at the age of 8. Growing up, she goes through many hardships with her education but she didn't...

A Chinese Mother and her American Daughter

My Chinese mother recounts growing up in 1970s Suzhou, China and moving to Alabama in the early 90's to start a new life. She discusses her career, reflects on major life choices, and gives advice.


a short interview with Yasmine, a young woman that grew up in the Bay Area that had to grow quickly and learn the value of hardwork.

Dusty W. on growing up in an “Appalachian Holiness Church”

A short interview with Dusty W., who grew up in an Appalachian snake-handling family. Dusty explains his family’s beliefs and his own spiritual outlook.