Active Listening Excercise

My neighbor and I talked about his life growing up and coming out as a gay man. He expressed his struggles with understanding what “gay” actually means and excepting that he is in fact gay.

Haley Thomas and Susan Trotz

Haley Thomas (67) is interviewed by her friend, Susan Trotz (63), about her life and the process of coming out to herself and to her children.

Interview with my brother

Talking to my brother about growing up, my coming out, masculinity and music.

Interview w/Carissa

Just catching up on life. Some heart to heart questions , some fun questions

James Hensley and Chris Jarvis

James Hensley (58) tells his husband Chris Jarvis (58) about his 30 years as a bartender in gay bars, describing the exciting nightlife of the places where he worked, as well as the dangers of being "out" and discovered in...


we talked about my grandmothers childhood and coming of age.

Redefining the Norm: Part II

In part one we learned about how Clay changed his school policy on allowing boys to wear makeup. In part two we went more in depth with others reactions to the policing change, the impact of social media and Clay’s...

Coming Out – An Anthropology Interview

An interview about coming of age, coming out, inclusivity, and how to educate and be patient with others

Carol Brockmon at 81 – Interviewed by her grandchildren

Carol Brockmon, 81, is interviewed by her grandchildren (Juna, 16 and Coby, 18) during an annual family visit to Monhegan, Maine. Juna and Coby ask Carol her commitment to and disillusionment with Communism as a teenager in the 1950s; her...

Kurt Kaiser, Michele Kaiser, and Bruce Kaiser

Michele "Mike" Kaiser (71) and Bruce Kaiser (72) speak with their son Kurt Kaiser (34) about their marriage, childhoods, career paths, and parenthood in anticipation of Kurt's wedding.

Virginia Carlsen and Erika Carlsen

Virginia Carlsen, 51, interviewed by her daughter Erika Carlsen, 24. Viriginia talks about growing up in a working class Mexican family in Chicago and the struggles they faced there, the experience moving to all-white Utah with her family at 18,...

Vastupal Kinkhabwala and Sonia Kinkhabwala

Vastupal Kinkhabwala (83) talks with his granddaughter, Sonia Kinkhabwala (22), about his childhood, marriage, and some of the most meaningful moments in his life.

Quay Williams and Sharonda Edwards

Friends Quay Williams (23) and Sharonda Edwards (22) share a conversation about growing up and being Black and queer in the Mississippi Delta.

Heather Weiner and Carma Clark

Carma Clark (51) speaks with her wife, Heather Weiner (52), about enlisting in the Army to further her dreams of becoming a police officer. She tells a story about falling in love with a Sergeant, being outed, and being forced...

John Chapin and Bambi Chapin

Ex-spouses John Chapin (54) and Bambi Chapin (54) share a conversation about their divorce, co-parenting, and their ongoing friendship.


Diego came to Durham, NC from Peru as a 15 year old. After taking a feminist studies class and reading It Gets Better he comes out to his family.