Austin Laufersweiler and Maru Gonzalez

Austin Laufersweiler, 18, talks with school counselor, Maru Gonzalez, 26, about Austin’s advocacy work for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, questioning and queer youth in his high school. Austin was named the student advocate of the year for his work to...

If these people would take five minutes to say hello and get to know me, this old queen’s got some pretty interesting things to say.

Part 2 of 2 (This interview contains strong language and brief descriptions of sexual acts.) From a young age, Randy Moulder was a victim of sexual abuse and exploitation by neighbors, family members, and his school principal. As a teen,...


Diego came to Durham, NC from Peru as a 15 year old. After taking a feminist studies class and reading It Gets Better he comes out to his family.

John Chapin and Bambi Chapin

Ex-spouses John Chapin (54) and Bambi Chapin (54) share a conversation about their divorce, co-parenting, and their ongoing friendship.

Heather Weiner and Carma Clark

Carma Clark (51) speaks with her wife, Heather Weiner (52), about enlisting in the Army to further her dreams of becoming a police officer. She tells a story about falling in love with a Sergeant, being outed, and being forced...

Katie: My Stepmom
December 2, 2020 App Interview

the life of katie bell, my stepmom. when it comes to her parenting, youth, and sexuality.

Lisa Bunker and Dawn Huebner

Lisa Bunker (58) shares a conversation with her wife, Dawn Huebner (60), about gender identity, sexuality, and how their partnership came to be.

Ash [No Name Given] and David [No Name Given]

Friends Ash [No Name Given] (23) and David [No Name Given] (33) discuss David being a survivor of the Club Q mass shooting in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Emma Leither and Antonia Walsh

Emma Leither (25) and Antonia "Toni" Walsh (24) have a One Small Step Conversation in Jackson, Wyoming. They find common ground amongst their political differences.

Kathleen "River" Artz-Iffland and Margaret DeRitter

Kathleen "River" Artz-Iffland (63) talks with friend, Margaret DeRitter (58), about her role as an out lesbian in Kalamazoo, her work to strengthen the lesbian community, and the family she created with her partner of 35 years.

“Follow your dreams.”

Something I learned while listening to my mother talk... she’s only human. She did her best and I have to remember that. Hearing her talk about her dreams and how she wishes she followed through with them, inspires me to...

Brian Bender and Lisa Terwilliger

One Small Step conversation partners Lisa Terwilliger (53) and Brian Bender (47) discuss religion and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Christine Eddington and Roy Diehl

One Small Step conversation partners Roy Earl Diehl II (50) and Christine Eddington (55) discuss their journey to political consciousness, the importance of finding common ground, the role of conflict in social change, and the responsibility to challenge our own...